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How to Straighten Men’s Hair

There was a time when, for most men, straightening their hair would have been something they kept to themselves if they wanted to avoid the ridicule of their friends. Fortunately, with the huge growth in male grooming, the stigma is long gone and the modern man is more likely to be found swapping styling tips with his friends than laughing about it. Good news indeed for us girls who like a well groomed man!

Hair straighteners are the not so secret weapon of celebrity hair stylists and perfect for styling both sleek short looks and choppy, indie styles. Here’s how to straighten men’s hair.

Wash and dry your hair

Clean hair will be easier to style, shinier and healthier looking, so before styling wash your hair using a good quality shampoo. If you straighten your hair regularly I would recommend a moisturising shampoo as all that heat will dry out your hair and leave it prone to breakage and frizz.

Tip – After showering, lightly towel dry your hair and then blow dry. A common problem for men is oily hair (even when suffering from a dry scalp) and a big cause of this can be over-stimulation of the sebaceous gland by rough towel drying.  The sebaceous gland produces sebum, the oil found in your hair.

Apply a thermal protection spray

Once hair is dry and before styling, you should apply a thermal protection spray, which will minimise heat damage from the irons.

Styling your hair

Use a comb to pick out small sections of hair and straighten from root to tip by clamping hair between the plates and pulling through. Be very careful not to go too close to your scalp as you do not want a nasty burn from the plates.

You can of course straighten all of your hair, but for a more modern look, straighten your fringe and side burns and take random sections from the back and top of your hair. This will create a more indie, bedhead style, the kind that looks like you have made no effort, but actually takes a long time to create!

After straightening use a small amount of wax or paste and finger style to finish. Rub the product into the palm of your hands and apply through all of your hair, which will give a more natural look.

Which straighteners to choose

For straightening men’s hair I would recommend a ghd mini styler (or equivalent), which has smaller plates than regular straighteners and is designed for straightening smaller sections of hair at a time.

Follow the steps above for perfectly styled, contemporary hair with your straighteners. Do you have any more tips you would like to share on how to straighten men’s hair?


Guest Post

Sally is a hair and beauty expert and writer for ghdcompare – a comparison site for ghd straighteners. Follow Sally on twitter @ghdcompareuk.