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How To Style Indie Hairstyles

Indie hairstyles are synonymous with the music scene in Britain and a trend of which men across the country have been emulating. Bands and band members are typified by their lived in, “bed-head” look and slightly grungy appearance. The indie haircut itself follows along the same lines, short pixie crops, shaggy, messy dos and the occasional nod to the styles of the 1960s all feature heavily in the indie style file.

These haircuts are great if you want something stylish and bang on trend, yet incredibly easy to maintain and look after. Admittedly, not everyone is going to suit a pixie crop, the ideal face shape for men to pull this off is a small one with higher cheekbones, almost feminine in shape, but with styles like “bedhead” or something similar, any length would be appropriate – it’s the manner in which the hair is finished that counts.

You’re aiming for tousled here – there’s little in the way of fancy styling, and you don’t need lots of expensive products either. Men can achieve the tousled look on longer hair or the short pixie cut by using a little styling wax to shape and define, mostly on the mid lengths and ends. Short indie hair should have that “forwards swept” look.

The “bedhead” style is called so because it’s supposed to look like you’ve just got out of bed – the style is naturally flatter and the hair looks almost as if it is stuck together. This look is achieved by clever cutting (something you definitely have to ask your hairdresser for) and styling products such as texturising gum and waxes. This sort of style always looks a little better on day old hair rather than freshly washed fluffy hair unless you’re prepared to weight your cut down with lots of product to get it to lie flatter quicker.

Longer indie hairstyles require little more in the way of attention. Again, use of products like mousse, gel or wax help create a tousled, unbrushed look and give more in the way of definition. Even though this trend requires little styling, the most important thing is to maintain the cut itself. This is easy enough to manage with short hair. Indie hair is also defined by its use of colour, very often streaks can be added to either brown or blonde hair. Typically on blonde hair you’ll find black streaks and on brown you’ll have either bright pillar box red or blonde streaks.

The good news is there’s very little needed in the way of straighteners or heat. The best styling tool for this kind of cut is your fingers!  For hair styling products, visit Jacks Male Grooming for the best waxes, gels and putties for your hair.