Bars can be a hit or miss when it comes to meeting someone. However, the best way to ensure your efforts produce positive results is to make sure you don’t come across as being “the creepy guy”. Nobody wants to be that guy and nobody wants to talk to that guy either. Here are some tips to help avoid that unwanted title:

Keep Things Friendly

Keeping things friendly is a great start. If a girl thinks your number one goal is to get in her pants, you’ve set yourself up for rejection. Avoid laying on the charm too thick and erase any cheesy pick up lines from your vocabulary. There’s a reason they’re called cheesy, besides they don’t work. It might be a little challenging at first, but treat her like a cool friend that happens to be female. Trust me, it will help take the pressure off both of you.

Be Funny

Being casual and sprinkling in a little comedy is two more ways to avoid the creepy factor. Everyone enjoys having fun, especially when your in a bar setting. Make a casual joke or if you do or say something a little silly, brush it off with some humor. Now this doesn’t mean making fun of her outfit or talking shit about that douche bag at the other end of the bar. Just have fun!

Avoid In Depth Questions

One thing to keep in mind is that when you’re first meeting someone it isn’t to plan your future wedding, so don’t treat it that way. Don’t ask too many in depth questions. Seem interested without getting too personal and interesting without being fake. And don’t overstay your welcome, recognize the signs when she isn’t interested or maybe is just ready to get back to her group.

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  1. “Make a casual joke or if you do or say something a little silly, brush it off with some humor.”
    I talk a lot about this, it’s not what you say specifically, but is how you say it (I talked about this on my pos:. you can talk to her about a movie, or whatever you want. There is only one thing that makes every girl dry, without exception, and its boring people, never commit the sin of being boring.

    This is one excellent post, by the way, learnt a lot from it, thanks!

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