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How Grooming Your Hair Can Help You Work Better From Home

For many people who are first taking the plunge to work from home for the first time, it can seem relaxed, casual, and just overall more “chill” than reporting to an office.

And, while all of that may be true, it is still important to keep yourself on a schedule and to get yourself into “work-mode” even if you are sitting in your home.

One of the best ways to get yourself mentally and physically into the work mindset is to continue with your morning routine, including showering, getting fully dressed, having breakfast, doing your skincare routine, and grooming your hair.

Read on for 4 ways that a few minutes of hair grooming in the morning can set you up for success in a work from home environment.

1. You look put together on any video conference calls

Video conferencing can be a big part of staying connected with your work team, and getting things done.

And, making sure that you look ready for the day and just the same as you always looked in the office setting, will fill you and your team with confidence.

We all have that one colleague who looks like they just rolled out of bed before hopping onto a call, and I think everyone can agree that it doesn’t give off the most professional vibes to have bedhead while wearing a crumpled T-shirt from that 5K you ran in 2002 when discussing work matters.

Appearances do matter when it comes to instilling confidence in your boss and coworkers, and spending 15 minutes in the morning to get “work-ready” can help you put your best foot forward while your team secretly wonders wow you always manage to look so dapper.

So, hop in the shower, style your hair, and, even though your coworkers may only see you from waist-up — put pants on. This change can make a big difference in your work and lifestyle.

2. You can snap into work mode more easily

Getting into the swing of the workday is a mindset switch that helps you focus on the tasks of your work life, while leaving other matters for later.

If you were used to working in an office environment, you likely had plenty of time and mental triggers to help you make that home-to-work transition.

Getting ready for work, leaving your home, making that commute to the office, and grabbing a coffee at the office while greeting your coworkers was probably all part of getting you into that work vibe, whether you realized it or not.

And, while we don’t suggest that you go into the theatrics of taking a spin around the block in your car on a journey to nowhere, you can still retain a few of your work morning habits to get the same feel.

One of the easiest morning routines to maintain is getting ready as if you were going somewhere, including styling your hair.

One of the easiest morning routines to maintain is getting ready as if you were going somewhere, including styling your hair.

3. When you feel professional, you work more professionally

The way you look can work wonders for your mental state, and help you feel more in line with the clothes you are wearing.

If you have ever donned a swanky suit for a fancy event, you probably felt like you could take on the world James Bond style. On the flip side, if you are just hanging around the house in your “comfy clothes”, you probably feel like settling in and taking a nap.

There is a time and a place for a whole range of styles, of course. But, when you are trying to get some work done, it may help you be more productive to put on something more on the professional spectrum.

When you are dressed in your office gear, with your hair on point, you probably exude your on-the-ball professional manner.

And, even if you don’t have a video call that day, you are likely coming across more professionally in any emails, chats, and documents that you are working on that day.

4. It gives you a clearer transition from work life to home life

Part of being the most efficient that you can be, is knowing when to get started and knowing when to call it a day.

Starting your day off getting ready for work and doing your hair is a great way to kick off the workday and get you into work mode.

Equally as important, is making that mental switch from the workday back into your home life, which can be tricky when you aren’t physically leaving the environment.

If you “get ready” for work each morning, and change once work is done for the day, you will be able to switch into home life mode more easily each evening, giving your family, roommates, significant others, and pets the focused attention they deserve.

Wash your face, switch into more comfortable clothing, and set yourself some clear “clock out” times to make sure your work life and home life don’t blend together into one.


Taking the time to style your hair and get ready each morning isn’t just about the way that you look, it’s about the way that you feel, and can help you make that mental switch from worktime to home life when you are working from home.

If you struggle with regaining the feel of working at an office when you know you are just sitting at your house, keeping your usual morning grooming routine can help you feel like you are starting your workday.

As a bonus, if you are looking professional, you will likely act more professionally, and this may come through in your texts, emails, phone conversations, and all of your work.

If you are currently a part of lots of video conferences with bosses, coworkers, and clients, looking put together and on-the-ball is a great way to make a good impression on everyone that you work with.

Making sure to have yourself and your hair looking on-point each morning can help you be more efficient, focused, and ready for the day, even if you are working from home.

And, since you can probably get your hair looking great in a matter of minutes, this pro-tip for being a work from home expert is a no-brainer.