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Guys Talk, Women Walk

We’ve all heard guys talk. The problem, however, arises when women hear them talk. When will men learn that talk is cheap? One of my female friends recently complained to me about how men talk about women and sex. It occurred to me that she was right, it’s annoying.

Guys, let me share something with you. Women don’t find your testosterone-filled competition about who has a better sex life, or who knows more about women, attractive. In fact, it turns them off completely.

Men seem to think that if they stand around and brag about their sex lives or talk about women as if they were dogs in heat that they will seem like big men to their friends. I have plenty of friends who do it and always have. So why do they do it?

Just like all annoying human behavior, this type of guy talk is born out of insecurity. If your sex life is satisfying to you and you are so happy with it, why would you feel the need to talk about it? If you were so sure you were the “player” you think you are, why the need to share your conquests?

If your ego is dependent on how many women you are able to have sex with, maybe it’s time you re-evaluate who you are because no woman of value finds that attractive. Guys who view women only as sexual conquests usually end up with someone just as insecure as they are and just as shallow. Women with any self-respect don’t want your passed around penis anywhere near them.

I find that these guys are the same ones who tout the tagline, “Bros before hos, dude.” Any man that would rather sit around and talk about who he is having sex with and how many there are with men than actually be with a woman, is, in my opinion, an idiot.

Every time I meet a guy that wants to share his sexual exploits with me, all I can think is, “What a retard. If he was actually getting this much sex, he wouldn’t feel the need to prove it to me.”

My advice to men who feel the need to talk about women like they are just objects is to focus more on the women they are dating and satisfying them and save that breath and energy for the bedroom. Perhaps that way all these women you are supposedly having sex with will actually want to come back for seconds, because with that ego-centric attitude, I don’t see how you could possibly be satisfying your mates. Sex is about giving, guys. Spend less time talking and more time giving and I guarantee your sex life will improve in quality even if it does diminish a bit in quantity. I don’t know about you, but my goal is great sex, not superficial sex in great quantities. But hey, if notches on your bedpost are your thing, more power to you. I think I’ll keep my sex life to myself. Somehow talking about it gives a little of the joy of sex away and I’m happy keeping all that joy to myself.