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From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

When it comes to getting down, we’ve all had some cringe-worthy experiences that left much to be desired. Think back to what went wrong. Chances are, you probably didn’t get what you needed out of the romp. So how do you ensure you get what you want, without sacrificing your partner’s needs in the process? Do what I do: implement the skills utilized by top sales execs. They’ve mastered the art of putting their product in the most favorable light. The product you’re selling, gentlemen, is you! Your job is to show your partner that your product is one they can’t live without. But don’t misunderstand. A sexual experience is not one to be like a sales pitch. The focus here is on the technique. Your job is to put your own spin on it to get the best result.

The following tactics achieve maximum success in the boardroom, and they’ll have equally positive results in the bedroom. Use as many or as few to reach your desired end.

Be Direct

It sounds simple enough, but the majority of getting what you want is asking for it. Great businessmen do not achieve success by skirting around the issue. Pun intended. So next time you’re looking for her to go downtown, say so! Want to try a new position or location? Speak up! Maintaining your integrity and being honest lets your partner know that you’re strong and confident, two characteristics they’ll find alluring.

Explain Benefits

A great businessman will explain the benefits of their product rather than the features. Think: a backyard patio is a feature. Its benefit is the ability to throw ass-kicking summer BBQs. In the bedroom, lengthy explanations are inappropriate. Keep it simple. If necessary, let your partner know why you want it, or what the end result will be. Be confident and genuine. In our case, the benefit of fulfilling your wants means better sex for you and your partner.

Offer a Demonstration

In a sales scenario, you can talk a good game about your product and its benefits. I DO NOT recommend this approach for our purposes. Show your partner what you want by giving it to her first, if appropriate, or by showing her how you want things done. Hands-on experience will give her a better idea of what you have to offer.

Objections are Healthy

Do not be defeated by objections. They show that your partner is interested in but not sure of what you are suggesting. Be sure to address the objection, and use the concern as an opportunity to explain (briefly!) why you think your desires will benefit both parties involved.

Close the Deal

In sales, the customer is expecting you to ask them to buy. In the bedroom, this is equally true. Your partner is waiting for you to ask permission. Find a closing that works for you. Hopefully, your initial request is also your close. The best close is one you are comfortable with, and demonstrates your confidence and self-worth. Begging and pleading will get you nowhere fast. Be honest and open. Your partner needs to know that fulfilling your wants will lead to the most mind-blowing experience they’ve ever had.

When you speak your mind, the boundaries are up to you. These strategies are helpful in and out of the bedroom. In my experience, less selling is necessary if you’re already naked! So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get what you want. Fingers crossed your pitch delivers.

P.S. Ladies- These will work for you too!