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Follow Up: Community’s Danny Pudi Shows Us How He #HandledIt

Comedy and grooming have seemed to pair up once again as we return to Danny Pudi to find out the results of the Speed Stick’s #Handleit campaign. We finally get to see the winner of this hilarious campaign that encouraged guys to share their most awkward moments for a chance to get that moment narrated by Danny Pudi.

After getting over my giddy-ness and excitement of interviewing my favorite Community character, we had a chance to follow up with Danny Pudi and ask him about his entire experience with the #Handleit campaign, his new grooming advice, his journey through Comic-Con 2012, and of course the upcoming season of Community.

Tell me about the #Handleit campaign.

We sent out for guys to tell us about their “handle it” moments, where they were sweating on the inside but cool on the outside no matter how embarrassing the situation became.

Was it difficult picking a winner?

I actually didn’t get to pick the winner, but I do think it would’ve been very difficult going through all the great stories. There was one about a guy who was walking by a girl he liked and tripping in front of her and her friends; he pointed and winked at her on the way down then did the worm when he hit the ground. That would’ve been great to re-enact

What have you learned from this entire experience?

I learned that I’m not alone in embarrassing moments. That was very comforting.

Did you learn anything new about grooming from this experience?

I learned that, above all, voicing what you want in grooming is very important. It’s a new age and male grooming isn’t looked down upon anymore, so guys need to speak up. My wife likes to make fun of me when I get a haircut because she says I always repeat myself especially when it comes to my sideburns: “Not too much over the ear, not too much over the ear… not too much over the ear”

How was Comic-Con 2012 different from any others?

This year was great. We were in the bigger ballroom, but we were definitely worried about how the fans were going to receive us this year because of Dan Harmon (the creator of Community) leaving the show. It was amazing to see how we were receive with such warmth from all of the fans and just knowing that you guys are still out there is, what I think, keeps the show going.

Tell me a little bit about season 4 of Community.

This season is their senior year, and it’s a lot about the study group (and especially Abed) learning that the study group is not always going to be together at Greendale and coming to terms with that.

Is there anything you can hint at that we should be looking forward to this upcoming season?

We’re going to explore meeting Jeff Winger’s (Joel McHale) father, which has been hinted at for the past three seasons.

Every season has had an all-around theme based on the class the study group is taking. Can you tell us what class, if any they’re going to take together this season?

In season four, the study group is definitely taking another class together and we’ll be exploring that theme, but we’re going to have to just wait and see what that is going to be.