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Community’s Danny Pudi Talks Grooming With MaleStandard

Comedy and grooming seem like two unlikely pairs, however, Danny Pudi, who plays Abed on NBC’s show Community, shows how both go hand in hand. Danny is currently the new spokesperson for Speed Stick Power’s #HandeIt Twitter campaign. The campaign encourages guys to tweet an awkward story to @SpeedStick using the hash tag #HandleIt for a chance to have their moment brought to life in a Youtube Video – narrated by Danny.

I know I’ve had my share of awkward stories and so did Danny. In our interview, we discussed the campaign, acting, and his own grooming habits. Proving further, that grooming is not only funny, but more importantly the difference in feeling and looking good at all times.

How did you get involved with the Speed Stick #HandleIt Campaign?

“I love awkward stories. I’m prone to awkward stories. I was always a little different and skinny and prone to to awkward situations.”

Can you tell me more about an awkward moment you’ve had?

“Once, I lit myself on fire and burnt my eyebrows. I was trying to turn on a fireplace and experienced a flash burn. I rubbed my eyebrows and noticed they were gone. To make that even more awkward, I then rode a vespa to the emergency room.”

How important is deodorant when you’re on the set for long hours?

“For us, it’s really important. We have to put on makeup and we’re on camera all the time. We have to wear costumes and suits. It’s a must in a genre adventure show.

If we didn’t wear deodorant. It would be noticeable.”

Tell me about your grooming routine?

“I shower and shave every morning. It makes me feel awake. I shave in the mirror. I brush my teeth and floss.I do a second check in my car mirror. The mirror in the car seems to be the most unforgiving.”

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever waxed?

“I’ve never waxed anything. On a dare, I shaved my nipples once.”

Has grooming become more acceptable for guys?

“I got my first straight shave this year. It does make you feel like a man.”

On a side note: Danny said that he’s also noticed more people getting laser hair removal on their face. He noted that grooming to him is about the process.

What’s your MaleStandard?

“Be the change you want to be in the world .”

“I try to make sure I don’t get too down. I’m indian so I’m forced to use Gandhi quotes.”

Here’s how the Speed Stick campaign works

From now until May 14, 2012, Tweet your Handle IT moments to @SpeedStick using the hash tag #HandleIt.

A HANDLE IT moment can be any situation where you were sweating on the inside but kept your cool on the outside. Have you ever called your girlfriend the name of an Ex? Have you ever shown up to a meeting in a t-shirt and shorts while everyone else wore a suit and tie?

The winner will have their story made into a YouTube video narrated by Danny Pudi. It sounds like a blast and we encourage you to participate.

For more information about Speed Stick Power or the Twitter contest visit and