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Exciting Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend on Your First Anniversary

Celebrating the first year anniversary is an anticipated occasion in a relationship. Often times, women are the ones who plan and prepare for the celebration. Maybe not all, but most women want to make this day extra special. For men out there, you can also show how much you appreciate your girlfriend by surprising her on your anniversary. It may sound corny. However, it will not make you less a man if you are going to do something extraordinary for your first anniversary. A little effort and time are only needed to realize the anniversary plan. Surely, your girlfriend will be impressed right there and then. Want to surprise your girlfriend? Here are surefire ways that can make her head over heels.

Give Personalized Gifts

Presents like flowers and chocolates may seem too traditional; but they are still lovely gifts. If you are thinking of a unique kind of anniversary gift for your girlfriend, a customized one is a perfect option. Buy a piece of jewelry with her name engraved on it. Otherwise, you can have your picture printed on a couple’s shirt or any items she can easily take wherever she goes.

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Another personalized gift idea for your first anniversary is a caricature of you both. Look for a good artist and have your picture turned into a caricature image then put it in a frame. Without a doubt, your girlfriend will find it amusing and very memorable.

Think Of Unique Dinner Dates

Of course, dinner is always a good way to celebrate your first anniversary. But make your dinner date extra special. Ordinarily, you will just dine in a fancy restaurant with cozy and romantic ambiance. There are other ways to have a romantic and unique dinner:

  • Candlelight Dinner with Violinist – Maybe you have seen this scene in romantic films wherein a violinist serenade the couple while dining. This might sound very common, but keep in mind that not everyone will do this. Ask the violinist to play your theme song or her favorite song. With sweet music and lovely atmosphere, you might as well take her hand and dance.
  • Outdoor Dinner – Have your dinner in an outdoor venue. There are many restaurants with overlooking sights. If you want to hear the rush of the waves, you may take her to a seaside restaurant. Restaurants sitting atop a skyscraper will be a perfect choice to get a glimpse of the city or the glistening stars above.
  •  Homemade Dinner – Impress her with your cooking skills. Instead of dining out, why not spend your anniversary celebration at home? Cook her favorite dishes. Don’t worry you do not have to be a professional chef to please her. If you are not really a kitchen guy, check the internet for cooking procedures. At the end of the day, it is your effort and time that counts.

Compose A Love Letter

Love letters might sound old fashioned and bygone because of technology. But most women are still carried away by sweet words. Express your heartfelt love through words by composing a love letter for her. Just write whatever you would like to tell her. Don’t worry about grammar and other writing rules. Writing a love letter does not follow any sort of rule. All you need to do is put into words what is inside your heart. Surely, your first anniversary love letter will be forever cherished.

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Book A Weekend Getaway

Are you planning to celebrate it somewhere else? Somewhere truly special that can make your anniversary truly memorable? Go on a weekend getaway. It could be her favorite island, beach or country. Think of a place that she longed to visit. Plan it ahead of time so you can look for good travel deals and promotions. For example, if you are traveling to Las Vegas, there are travel agencies offering travel packages which include accommodation to the finest hotels such as Cannery Casino and Hotel, as well as tour.

So guys, make your first anniversary date more memorable and fun by getting out of your comfort zone. There are simple yet exciting means to impress your beloved. Got other tips? Share them!

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