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The Best Face Cream for Men

Hold up, you don’t use face cream? OK, so it’s not something you hear every day but it really should be. Face cream is an important aspect of male grooming, as it provides additional nutrients and protection needed to keep skin looking younger, and firmer that aren’t easily sourced elsewhere (and that often your body stops providing at a later stage). Women seem to appreciate this as it seems 1 in every 10 TV ads feature women raving about their newest and best products, so what’s the big deal? We are about to reveal all!

Male Standard has sourced the best face cream for men, with invested interest in finding lightweight products that are built for real life. Once you find out why you should be using face cream, we trust that you’ll give it another shot!

So Why Aren’t You Using a Face Cream?

One of the most frequent answers, aside from lack of knowledge or even general interest, is that many men don’t like to put things on their face. Where do you draw the line? Applying the product may feel somewhat emasculating, but there’s a bigger issue that’s rarely spoken about and that is most men have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can range from annoying to break out city within a matter of days, and adding something that doesn’t feel completely necessary to that equation seems logical to leave behind.

Add that into the equation that most face creams are thick, gloopy products that never seem to want to absorb (no matter how long you wait); you can see why most men wouldn’t bother at all. So what should you do? Well finding a face cream is no one stop shop, but it does have amazing rewards that making finding the right men’s face cream for you a Holy Grail item – you know, the one you can’t live without?

If you want to look younger, prevent the signs of aging from appearing, and help keep your skin in tip-top condition then a specific men’s formula face cream is the order of the day.

1.  Neutrogena Triple Protection Face Lotion for Men

When looking for a quality face cream for men, consider one that has added SFP 20 or higher and moisturizer like Neutrogena Triple Protection. What we like about this formula is that it is ideal for use after shaving and absorbs quickly, with no fragrance and no fuss. When used daily, it has been proven to reduce the risk of razor irritation altogether, and will protect against the damaging effects of the sun. This is a good go-to product can be used day or night, or as needed to rejuvenate and replenish dry skin.

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2.  EB5 Face Cream for Men

EB5 face cream for men is the go-to choice for those who might already be starting to see the signs of aging and are looking for immediate results. You might want to consider investing in this cream if you work outdoors, are in contact with severe weather frequently, or are looking for a deep action cream that can help reduce wrinkles and moisturize intensely. This product won’t suit everyone as it is a heavy-duty formula, but the tube will last a long time and is great value for money.

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3.  Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer

Neutrogena are excellent skin care experts, and the difference shows between the attentions to detail within their product line. While the Triple Lotion is a great all-rounder, Men Age Fighter is specifically formulated with sensitive skin and who are prone to outbreaks. This oil-free formula won’t leave you feeling sticky after use, and won’t flare up adult acne or dry out skin while it works. The SPF is only 15 in this product (the lowest recommendation), but we feel it’s a great compromise. Good protection, with little annoyances assured.

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4.  Nivea Q10 for Men

Nivea are an excellent provider of skin care products generally, and we found their attention to men’s skin needs to be invaluable. With added Coenzyme Q10 (you might have heard this from those TV ads); skin retains its elasticity making it appear younger. Coenzyme Q10 is a scientific term for skin cells that start to reduce as we age. Nivea Q10 for Men is a great product to use now and later in life, and will protect and reduce signs of aging in men by giving back to your skin those essential elements.

We also appreciate when you find a product that works; you want to stick with it!

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5. Cetaphyl Non Greasy Face and Body Moisturizing Cream

This unisex product is dermatologically tested and ideal for sensitive skin. There’s no residue, the product goes on easily, and can also be used on feet, hands, elbows and knees (and other dry areas that need some extra TLC). Like many others on the list, there’s no fruity fragrance or worrisome ingredients that will flair you. It simply contains the exact nutrients your skin needs to restore and protect it against the elements; makes for great and reliable use as a treatment of many common skin conditions also!

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Will You Be Using the Best Face Cream for Men Now?

Now that you understand why skin care is so important, it’s detrimental to your looks and aging process, perhaps you will consider investing? These are the best face cream for men that we have found, but are always open to your comments and suggestions of others we should try.

If you haven’t read it already, The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming will provide further expert tips on how to care for your skin from top to toe!