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Cheating Women Want Men to Pay When It Comes to an Affair

Are you a man looking for a mistress? Be prepared to shell out some money. According to the latest survey released by an infidelity website, most cheating women expect the man to pay the bill when they go out or travel with their lover. A majority of these women also expect their lover to give them gifts. The male position? In agreement: 79% affirm they usually pay the expenses of a date with their lover in comparison with the 14% of the females.

19th August 2013 – A new survey of 3250 members conducted by the infidelity site Victoria Milan shows that traditional ”spoiling” is popular among cheaters of both sexes. More than half of the woman (55%) expect that the man pay for a night out, while only 32% of respondents expect to split the bill even. An amazing 61% of the participant males agree with their female counterparts and apparently show up for their rendez-vous ready to pay the bill. Cheating women also expect far more gifts from cheating men than do their cheating male counterparts. 69% of cheating women surveyed expect gifts from their lover, but only 19% of cheating men feel the same way.

Company founder and CEO Sigurd Vedal states, ”Lots of people feel like they are forced into the mundane day to day life of ‘gender equality’ at home. No more glass slippers or roses and chocolate! Infidelity is very much about escapism and that dream also comes with traditional roles of men and women. Most cheaters don’t have that fairy tale life at home with their wife or husband, so the roles within the affair are very appealing.” Victoria Milan is one of the world’s leading discreet social networks for men and women seeking a secret affair. The service was launched by happily married media executive Mr. Sigurd Vedal in 2010, and has today become one of the world’s fastest-growing and leading social networks for discreet extramarital affairs, surpassing 2.5 million members worldwide in more than 21 countries.

Questions (Male Answers Left: Female Right)

Who usually pays when you and your lover go out together?

Me 78.6% 13.7%

My lover 5.6% 66.5%

We split the bill 15.8% 19.8%

Do you expect your lover to pay the bill when you go out together?

Yes, he/she should pay the bill 7.9% 55.2%

No, I want to pay it 60.6% 12.3%

I expect us to split the bill 31.5% 32.5%

Do you get gifts from your lover?

Yes 47.6% 63.7%

No 52.4% 36.3%

Do you give gifts to your lover?

Yes 67.8% 48.5%

No 32.2% 51.5%

Do you expect gifts from your lover?

Yes 19.3% 69.2%

No 80.7% 30.8%

Do you feel appreciated when you get gifts from your lover?

Yes 79.8% 86.2%

No 20.2% 13.8%

Is it important for you that your lover spoil you with gifts, dinners and trips?

Yes 9.7% 39.1%

No 90.3% 60.9%

Who do you generally think should pay for a night out, the man or the woman?

The man 67.1% 33.5%

The woman 3.2% 5.3%

I think the bill should be divided 29.7% 61.2%

What do you think?