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eskuché Debuts Control v2 KRM Classic Headphones

Are you tired of all the usual headphone suspects? Meet eskuché. Fused with modern sound, eskuché delivers a clean, consistent low end and mid range, coupled with vocal clarity. The titanium membrane on the 45v2’s dynamic driver, reintroduces a warm, refreshing experience that was synonymous with the hi-fi era of the past. eskuché is different in the way […]

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The Best Jawbone Mini Jambox & New Tech Gifts For Men

Jawbone announced the Mini Jambox, the third in its Jambox line of Bluetooth speakers, is now available for retail. A slimmer, lighter model, the Mini Jambox features new speaker designs and colors. The Mini connects using Bluetooth Low-Energy, 10 hours of battery life, making it a perfect travel companion. Jawbone also […]

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Win a Philips WakeUp Light & Reset Your Body Clock!

************Congratulations to Tony Nanthavong!************ You may have heard that the most successful people in the world are early risers. A recent article on stated that “natural morning people” (people who wake up early without a jarring alarm clock) are more in tune with the rhythm of the world. While the data sounds great, […]