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New Jumpseat App Is The First App To Allow Fans To ‘Swap’ Seats At Sporting Events & Concerts And Earn Rewards

JumpSeat, a new iOS app launched today on the App Store, makes going to a sporting or concert event a totally new experience. JumpSeat is the first app of its kind that allows event-goers across the nation to either offer their seats or view the inventory of seats available and then pre-arrange for a ticket exchange right at the event. For people who sit in the ƒ??nose bleedƒ? seats and wish they could move down to the ƒ??good seats,ƒ? JumpSeat can help make that happen. And, for anyone who wants to leave an event early, JumpSeat can help them earn rewards simply for passing their seats to someone else.

Currently, JumpSeat is available at professional and college football, basketball, baseball games and concerts in all major league cities across the country for free via the JumpSeat app and at¶ÿ A premium version, JumpSeat Pro, is also available for $4.99 where users receive an unlimited number of JumpSeat transactions and receive¶ÿ$10 off their order of tickets¶ÿto their next event through¶ÿ¶ÿ(minimum order of $100).¶ÿ¶ÿIn addition, Pro users acquire points for their JumpSeat transactions which increases their User Rating.


JumpSeat will also offer special ƒ??Promo Eventsƒ? on Twitter at #gojumpseat. In celebration of this week’s launch, the first JumpSeat Promo Event will be Game 3 of the World Series.¶ÿ¶ÿJumpSeat will list two seats in the bottom of the 4th inning of Game 3 in St. Louis.¶ÿ¶ÿOne lucky user will be able experience the World Series close to the action!
ƒ??JumpSeat is delivering a new concept to the ticket exchange industry,ƒ? said Torrey Smith, founder of JumpSeat.¶ÿƒ??Never before has there been an app to allow parties within a stadium or arena to easily connect with each other and be rewarded for swapping seats.¶ÿ¶ÿIf you are leaving an event early and want to offer your seats, or if you simply want to move closer to the action, JumpSeat is an easy way to connect with others and make it happen.ƒ?

A portion of the proceeds of the in-app purchase of JumpSeat Pro will be used to help support G.O. Ministries in building a sporting complex in the Dominican Republic. For more infor about how G.O. is seeking to empower communities in the Dominican Republic, please visit¶ÿ

About JumpSeat

JumpSeat is the first app available that allows users to ƒ??swapƒ? seats while at events and get rewarded for it.¶ÿAdding a new dimension to the concept of ticket exchange, JumpSeat allows fans to connect while at an arena of stadium to exchange tickets.¶ÿ¶ÿThe app was developed out of Shelbyville, KY by JumpSeat, LLC.
For more information about JumpSeat, go to the App Store or visit¶ÿ