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The Secret To A Better Love Life May Be A Better Smile

What’s the secret to attracting that special someone, the one you want to shower with affection? In honor of National Singles Week (September 15-21, 2013), Invisalign commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct a “Singles & Smiles” online survey among more than 2,000 U.S. adults from July 24-26. The survey found that an improved smile […]

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Talk Dirty to Me

As we all know, I love a vocal man in the bedroom. I know that for some of you even the idea of talking dirty makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let it. Be the authority in your bedroom  – talking will get you everywhere. Knowing what to say does not […]

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Is She Faking it?

Several of my male friends have asked me how to tell if their girl is faking the big “O.” The concern is that too much noise means she is faking her orgasm. I can assure you that making a lot of noise is not always an indication of a faked […]

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Pulling Off the One Night Stand

Hello Boys!  Good to have you back!  This is gonna be a good one, so grab yourself a beverage and get comfortable.  I am gonna open up a whole new world of one night stands for you. Lets get started with your first do for a one night’er, how do […]