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Pulling Off the One Night Stand

Hello Boys!  Good to have you back!  This is gonna be a good one, so grab yourself a beverage and get comfortable.  I am gonna open up a whole new world of one night stands for you.

Lets get started with your first do for a one night’er, how do you look?  Comfortable sexy is always good.  A pair of nice fitting jeans and t-shirt with a jacket always works.  Please though do yourselves a favor as well as the ladies you’ll be scoping for the evening’s festivities, when you are buying your jeans, take a look at your butt before you buy.  The biggest mistake you guys make is wearing a pair of jeans that hang off your ass.

Have you shaven?  We like clean-shaven faces for the task at hand.  Go for the rugged look once you have gotten past the one night stand part of your life and have a girlfriend.  Are you wearing cologne?  Make sure it’s not too strong; sometimes a really good smelling deodorant is all you need.

Do you have your alter ego for the evening picked out?  You DO NOT give her your real name! Birthday, dog, etcetera all okay to be truthful with, but NOT YOUR NAME.  Now, there is an exception to this rule, as there is to most.  If this girl is your future wife you obviously do not want to start the relationship off with a lie but this is a very slippery slope.  Can you really be sure with one look that this girl is not PSYCHO?

Okay now lets get to the real business at hand, the dos and don’ts.  DO scope out your location!  I have done some bar crawling myself and I can tell you for the younger set you should try: Club 333 in Newport Beach, Beach Front 301 in Huntington Beach, really anything along the coast will work.

For my older readers that aren’t looking for a young little thing to boost the ego for the evening, or really don’t care who you take home as long as you will be getting some; have I got the place for you.  It is in Yorba Linda and it is called the FoxFire, or as me and mine like to call the Sure Fire.  You will not leave this place without a woman on your arm if that is your goal it is quite literally a guaranteed lay.

Once you have scoped out your bar of choice, of most importance is this do!  Always be sure to scope the room out.  When you enter the bar, before you get a drink, find yourself a spot in the middle of the action and settle in.  Take in the room and get to know your surroundings; this will go along way in creating your persona for the evening.

The more you know about your surroundings the more confident you will appear, even if this is your first time trying to pull it off.  Pay close attention to the ladies in the room, who are they with?  Maybe she is with a group of giggling college students or is it one of her favorite gay friends?  This will be important in executing the pick up.

Now check the bartender, is he a player looking to score too or is he just looking for tips and paying attention to the gay friend?

Now if you feel confident in your environment it’s time to unleash the player.

Sidle up to the bar and order your drink.  If you are really looking to have a nice night do not order a drink with an umbrella or some other kind of embellishment.  You need to look the part and a long island iced tea is not going to get you anywhere.

Make sure you order your drink from the bartender that is checking out the gay friend, he will be your stand in wingman tonight.  Give him a very nice tip, you’ll want him to like you right off the bat.

Now have you chosen your prey for the evening?  Is she surrounded by a pack of friends?  If she is, your best bet is to divide and conquer otherwise you will get yourself nowhere, unless of course they are extremely drunk.  In that case you may want to approach the group as you could be looking at the ultimate evening; one that you and your friends will still be talking about at the old folks home.

Now if she is with the gay friend, you want him to like you before she does.  This will be your ticket to paradise boys.  If he likes you, you are so in.  After you get him to fall in love with you, gush over the girl for a bit and then excuse yourself to the bar to get another round of drinks (Do Not be cheap boys that is a sure fire way to get you nowhere fast!!!) While you are gone two things will happen, the girl and the gay friend will talk about how cute you are and get all twitterpated.  The second thing that will happen will be that you are going to do so some recon while you are at the bar.  Ask the bartender if she is a regular, does he know anything about her etcetera.

Once you have her on the hook, a couple of more drinks and a couple of more turns around the dance floor and be on your way.  It is ALWAYS better to go to her apartment.  You do not want her to know where you live this is PARAMOUNT to pulling off the one nightstand.

Now if she approaches you, you’re in, keep the drinks coming and keep her dancing and talking you will get laid tonight.  But, hey don’t be upset if she does not ask for your number.  She had a plan going into the bar tonight your boy parts being key to that plan and the plan ends when the boy parts are done playing.  The woman that comes on to you knows exactly what she wants and you are it so lay back and let her do all of the work you will have plenty to do later that evening.

My most important piece of advice to you is this: Women that are willing to play this little game are either of the same mind as you and will come on to you and be quite easy to get into bed.  Or they are looking for Mr. Right.  The first will usually kick you out of her bed long before the sun comes up and the latter, yeah not so much.

If she gets too cuddly or even remotely whispers the “L” word you need to get out while the getting is good, if you spend the night with this one another psycho bitch stalker will be born.   This is why you do not give her your real name, it would also serve you not to return to that particular bar for a few weeks as she will most assuredly be looking for you.

I hope that this enlightens you to the wonders of pulling off the one night stand.  If you have questions or think of something I did not cover please write in and let me know.

Love you Boys!!  Keeping coming back.  And remember when you look good we look good.   Kisses. Francesca