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Sexologist Dr. Fulbright Talks About Allergies & Astroglide Sensitive Skin Lubricant

Choosing a personal lubricant can be a daunting task. With row upon row of choices, which one is best for you? What you might not know is not all lubricants are created equal. Many contain harsh chemicals and additives to prolong the slick sensation. These can irritate your and her most intimate parts, and symptoms vary from a mild burning to full blown allergy attacks — not something anyone wants to happen during the “heat” of the moment! Thankfully, condom allergies are getting more exposure and more men are educating themselves on truly safe sex. With alternative options on the market it’s becoming easier to pick products that are right for you both, but few manufacturers have thought to extend that solution to lubricants, a key component of mind-blowing sex. That is, until now.

Our new ultra gentle gel provides the same slickness you’ve come to expect from Astrolide Brand Personal Lubricants, in a formula specifically made for people with sensitive skin. Our special formula is free from potentially irritating ingredients and made with botanicals such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Vitamin E.

When Astroglide told us they created a specific formula for sensitive men and woman, that was allergy free, designed for sensitive skin, and has the same slick sensation we’ve “come” to expect, we wanted to pass on the information to you and your lover. There’s no offensive, abrasive ingredients, and the added Aloe and Chamomile make this a fantastic choice. Male Standard spoke with Dr. Yvonne Fulbright to ask some of those embarrassing and awkward questions we all need to know. This way, you get the info, and can make an informed decision without all the hassle. If you haven’t experimented with personal lubricants, now is a great time to see what all the fuss is about. When choosing the right one, this simple product will blow each of your minds, and can be used on your own too as a great way to shake things up!

Ask a Woman: Doctor Dr. Yvonne Fulbright


1. Why do you think some men are embarrassed about using lubricant? 

They are worried that using lube indicates that she’s not wet enough, which could mean she’s not aroused enough, which means that there could be something wrong with him.

2. Who, in your opinion, is responsible for providing lubrication when dating?

Both partners – this needs to be a two-way street. Lube comes in handy (pun intended) for both lovers during manual stimulation and in making things wetter – and more pleasurable for both – during other forms of sex.

3. Many men avoid using lubricant stating that it damages condoms, is this true? 

I’ve never heard this misconception before and wonder if they’re confusing oil-based products, like Vaseline (which people use as a lubricant), w/ other lubes, as the former can damage latex products.

4. What other uses for lubricant, besides with condoms, are there? 

Barebacking (anal sex w/o a condom), vaginal-penile intercourse, oral sex (if a flavored lube), manual stimulation, masturbation, use w/ sexual enhancements, titty f***ing, gluteal sex (phallus is between upper thighs)… The list is practically endless!

5. What is the difference between silicon based lubricants and water based? 

The latter lasts longer and is known to have a silkier texture, tho’ some guys complain that sensation isn’t as great as w/ water-based lube.

6. How can you tell the different between a good and bad lubricant? 

Experiment, as what’s good/bad is very individual. There are tons lubes on the market, so have fun testing different ones to discover which you and your lover like best, starting w/ the reputed brands like Astroglide.

7. Astroglide’s new Sensitive Skin gel is hypoallergenic, are lubricant allergies common in men? 

I’m not aware of the numbers on this, but I would speculate that it’s harder to detect a lubricant allergy in men. Women can detect such more readily, e.g., yeast infection, since any product that’s unfriendly to her body (whether lube, latex, etc.) can throw off her pH balance, resulting in allergic reaction.

8. What are the associated symptoms of lubrication allergies in men? 

These would be itching, redness, burning… the symptoms of a number of allergies. If he practices safer sex w/ latex condoms, however, he’ll want to make sure that he’s not allergic to the latex (which can present the same symptoms).

9. Do you have any professional tips when choosing the right lubricant? 

I would just reiterate to experiment, for example, buy a variety/gift pack where you don’t have to commit to just one, but can have a ball learning about your preferences.

10. Where can men get honest advice on choosing a lubricant?, which also has an “Ask Yvonne” section.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk Yvonne, don’t forget to grab some Astroglide here