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Drink of the Month: Thin Mint Martini

This shot is absolutely delicious and perfect to serve around the holidays.  It tastes just like a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie!! Ingredients 1/2 oz Rumpleminze 1/2 oz Frangelico Splash of green Creme de Menthe (just for color) 1 oz milk or cream Here’s How Fill a shaker with ice […]

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The Art of the Amicable Break-Up

By the time most relationships hit the skids, one or both parties can be so pent up with hostility, anger, and resentment that thinking clearly and objectively might look like “mission impossible.” Once the level of a relationship reaches DEFCON 4, you can just about forget about acting civil towards […]

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Who to Get Friendly With at The Bar

Everyone enjoys being part of the “in” crowd every now and then, right? Here are some tips of who to get friendly with at the bars. You may think making friends with the owner is the best way to be part of the inside crowd.  Although that is definitely one […]

Dating & Relationships, Women

Being Single by Choice

This concept may be foreign to most males: being single by choice.  Women do this, and men should take note. Take three different guys and their scenarios where it can and should apply: I have this friend – we will call him “Joe.” Joe, as his name implies, is just […]

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The Difference Between Bars and Clubs

Aside from the obvious presence of alcohol and people, bars and clubs can differ quite a bit. Of course there are plenty of hybrid-type establishments that offer a little touch of both worlds. Stereotypically speaking, the two are distinctly different. Keep in mind there are many levels of each from […]

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Orange County Buddy Walk

At MaleStandard, Down Syndrome is a disability that we hold very close to our hearts. This year, as in  the past, the MaleStandard team will be walking in and supporting the Down Syndrome “Buddy Walk” of Orange County on November 7, 2010, not only in support of a boy we […]