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Setting the Bar for Tailgating

A rite of passage for the true football fan, the tailgating experience portrays more than beer guzzling and the thrusting various meat products into your face. A certain swagger and confidence in your tailgating experience will show the ultimate symbol of team pride. An organized, established, and well-prepped football party […]

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Shot of the Month: Starburst Shot

The juice is definitely loose in this shot! This shot is simple and delicious, a definite crowd pleaser. When you and your buddies or ladies are sitting around and no one knows how to get things started, you can save the night with this easy-to-make starburst shot. Pour the following […]

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Is She Faking it?

Several of my male friends have asked me how to tell if their girl is faking the big “O.” The concern is that too much noise means she is faking her orgasm. I can assure you that making a lot of noise is not always an indication of a faked […]

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How to Fight the Right Way

We all fight … it is inevitable. No relationship is filled with hot sex, great conversation, and limitless fun all the time (at least once you get past the honeymoon stage). It is just not possible. And if you think it is, I would love for you to write in […]

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How to Pick Up the Bartender

Approaching a bartender can be difficult, believe it or not guys it’s feasible. Most female bartenders are confident, sarcastic, no BS girls. It’s important to understand the type of girl you’re dealing with before attempting to hit on her. Unfortunately as bartenders, we’ve seen many of you overly intoxicated, doing […]

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The Desert

Many of you may be asking yourself – what in the heck is The Desert? Those of you in the bar industry already know, but most people know the desert as a scorching area with endless miles of sand; the sun beats down on you and there’s nothing to drink […]

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The Real Reason Why Men Cheat

Well let’s face it, the urge or opportunity rather, to cheat is everywhere you look. So what stops or starts you from cheating? I think the obvious answer to that would be that you are just not that satisfied in your current relationship, or even yourself. Maybe you are one […]