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5 Natural Remedies to Remove Scars

Scars come in all shapes and sizes; they make their appearance and stay with you forever. While some scars fade into oblivion with time, others just remain as prominent as ever. Whether you have received those scars from an onslaught of teen acne, injuries or surgeries, there are ways by […]

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The Best Electric Razor For Men

Electric shaving is the preferred method of shaving for men looking for convenience. Electric shavers are portable allowing you to shave on the go. They don’t require shaving cream making it less messy than wet shaving. They are also the preferred method for those with sensitive skin. The blades do […]

Men's Grooming, Skin Care

The Best 5 Sunblocks for Men

Finding the best sunblocks for men with all of the UVA/UVB, SPF ratings out there, can be an overwhelming task with so many products and claims for the title: “Ultimate Skin Protection”. To help make that choice a little easier, and save your skin from the burn, here are a […]