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How To Find The Perfect Barber

Finding the perfect barber is a challenge, with more and more hair salons and stylists popping up, it’s never easy to find a barber shop.  While most new stylists opt to work from their home or at a hair salon, there are still some amazing barber shops in business – and because of their devoted clientele, they do a very good business.

A few tips to find the great barber and the quintessential barber shop you’ve been looking for:

  • Check your downtown area next time your drive through.  Most barber shops are still located in the hub of the town, much like in the old days.  The barber shops have usually been in business for many years and haven’t changed their location.
  • Look online and read reviews of barber shops in your area.  Many barber shops have a fairly loyal group of patrons and they will have a slew of reviews, most in the 4 and 5 star range.
  • Ask around in your area, especially when you talk to older men that are well groomed.  They probably have a reliable barber and when you ask, be prepared for the stories – barber shops aren’t just for getting your hair trimmed, they are a great source of information, gossip, and local news.

What to look for in a barber:

  • You want to find a barber that keeps a clean area.  His tools of the trade, scissors, sheers, etc. should be well maintained and sterilized.  The floor should be well swept and the chair free and ready for the next customer.
  • Look for a barber that has experience and has been in business for a few years, at least.
  • Manner and attitude.  You want a barber than is friendly, personable, and engaging without being too chatty.  Since you will be in close proximity, you want someone that you feel comfortable having in your personal space.
  • Find a barber with similar grooming habits to yours.  This will make sure that your personal style is maintained and you will be pleased with the work that he does.
  • Location.  Finding a local barber is never easy, but taking the time to find that perfect barber is well worth it, the results and the comfort you’ll feel going in to have your hair trimmed will be reward enough.

Finding a great barber is easier than you think, it will just take a few minutes and you’ll be happy that you took that time.  Best of all, the atmosphere of a barbershop is second to none, and it’s certainly a lot better than going to a trendy hair salon where the stylists cater more towards women than men.