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Blazers for Men: 5 Stunningly Versatile Looks

If you’re looking for a way to tie any outfit together in just a few seconds then you’ve found it! The humble blazer has been around for as long as fashion and is incredibly versatile. You can wear these blazers for men to parties, functions, interviews, parties, and the races – it is all a matter of choosing the right cut and color. Simply throw on a blazer, and walk taller knowing you are a sophisticated man of classic taste. Keep reading to find out what five blazers for men should be in your closet!

Slim Fit One Button Blazer

Slim fit blazers for men are a staple item that all men should own. These slimming blazers cinch in at all the right places to take extra pounds off your look. The fit also gives a more polished look; blazers should never be boxy or baggy, unless you roll the sleeves up and go to an 80’s fancy dress party, and even then, consider a different costume! One button blazers are super chic and create a minimal look that you can wear with jeans, open, or with a daily wear suit.

We love these slim fit blazers for men.

Dress Suit Slim Fit Blazer

These throwback blazers for men remind us of the preppy public school boy blazers of England. With their precise cut, these are the right combination of retro and chic to upgrade a boring pant suit. Expect a classic double breast button ensemble, with 100% cotton. You can often choose different pocket trims, and they are available in a range of colors. Choose dark colors for winter and pastels for spring and summer. Pick this blazer for moderately formal events when you want to look professional.

We love this pastel and burgundy set.

The Blazer Jacket

The blazer jacket is a great addition to your spring and summer jacket collection as it is lightweight, informal, and you don’t always have to take it off when you go inside. If you want a no fuss but stylish jacket, we love blazers for men in tweed, corduroy, or cotton. Outdoor blazers will be heavier in weight, and have larger pockets. You will see it is lined on the inside, and may have 2, 3, or 4 buttons. You can wear a blazer underneath, such as a suit jacket, or a sweater; it works just like a jacket.

We love this outdoor blazer!

The Formal Blazer

All men need at least one formal blazer; more if you are expected to wear a suit to work. This is the gold standard for formal events, job interviews, and so on. A quality black double-breasted blazer will last a lifetime, and can be worn with matching pants; making this the affordable option when mixing and matching pant suits. The double-breasted finish is flattering for most men and will trim off excess waistlines. All in all, this is one you can’t live without.

We love this double breasted blazer! 

The Festival Blazer

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! If you want a blazer that will carry you through the festival season then look no further than a velvet or corduroy ensemble. These casual blazers for men are slightly kitsch, and playful enough to be worn with faded jeans and tees for a chic festival boho look. Man-bun optional. Choose a navy blue or rich burgundy to make the most of this blazer, and enjoy soaking up the limelight.

We love this casual men’s blazer!

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