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I’m All For Progress, But Some Things Should Just Stay The Same

I think the best advice for men sometimes comes from women. I mean, they are the ones we are dating, right?

So in my last article, “Guys Talk, Women Walk,” I went over how women perceive guys talking about sex and their sex life and how they found that unattractive. In this article, we will view the other side of the coin.

The same friend that mentioned how that guy talk annoys her also complained that it wasn’t fair that if a man sleeps around when not in a relationship, he is a stud, but if women do it, they are sluts.

Sorry, but on this one I have to disagree with my friend.

Not that I think it is cool if a guy sleeps around. Personally, I prefer to date one woman at a time. However, I do believe some things are inherently female and some things inherently male. At some point, women become male-like to men and we find that to be a huge turn-off.

I believe this is one instance where men should watch out for women who have had many partners. The fact is, most of the people (male or female) I’ve talked to agree that for a woman, meeting a man that has had multiple partners isn’t as unattractive as females who have had a multitude of men in her life. Most women either find this to be unimportant and some even find it a turn-on. They can deny that all they like but again, I’ve had this conversation with many people. However, men will mostly agree that knowing the person they are with now has had a lot of partners in the past is a huge turn-off.

I’m all for equality in many ways, but there comes a point when some things being equal take away from our sexuality. I don’t want my women to be like men and most women I know want their man to BE a man.

Men are attracted to women because of the differences they have from men, not the similarities. Oh, women will tell you they want a sensitive man but the moment you show sensitivity too often, they want nothing to do with you.

I would advise men to steer clear of women that want to be too equal with men in certain ways and vice versa. Again, no woman I know really wants their man to behave like society perceives a woman should act.

Women who want to act too much like men are usually controlling and insecure about their sexuality. In fact, the women I’ve dated that think men and women should be “equal” in every way have turned out to be ultra-possessive and no real man wants that kind of mate. Equality doesn’t have to mean the exact same when it comes to our behavior. At some point, men should be men and women should be women or we lose those differences and attraction is lost.

If you find out the woman you just started dating has had an unusual amount of partners or talks about meaningless encounters she’s had, run for the hills. Run like a freaking jack rabbit…bob and weave while you’re at it.

And if women who have had a lot of mates in their lifetime don’t bother you, my advice is to call a hooker instead of getting serious with her. At least that way you know you need to be tested afterward and you don’t have to listen to her talk about her experience, which we all know is a big turn-off for men.

And if that upsets the women that read this, think about it for a minute. Do you really want your man to be anything other than a man? So don’t hate the messenger. Some things should just be left the way they are.