A Guy’s Guide To Giving Flowers

While many would often resort to give materialistic things or convey emotions through words, the simplest and purest form to express love and affection is by giving flowers to your loved ones. They may wither and wilt, but the memory of that moment when you give flowers will stay in their hearts.

Though the custom of giving flowers vary based on their colors, designs, styles, and presentation, the most important thing every guy needs to remember is that flowers remain to be the simplest, most symbolic, and sensual way to express your feelings and emotions to the girl you like, love, or cared for.

In this article, you’ll learn the basics about giving flowers to a lady, aside from knowing about the best ways to choose the perfect flowers to say sorry, to convey love, and to show gratitude to someone. The following are simple benefits you’ll receive when you give flowers to a special someone:

  • What’s the best way to make a lasting impression on a woman? While many guys would consider giving valuable things as gifts, most women prefer being given flowers to anything. Aside from its captivating appearance and the touching message behind it, women connect most with flowers as these can make them feel special and loved.
  • Apart from that, you won’t have to spend much on flowers if they’re what you’ll give to your loved ones. For example, with the right knowledge and effort, the flowers in your garden can make for a wonderful and heart-warming bouquet.
  • Every woman dreams of being given flowers by their ideal guys. Even the most intricate woman will melt into sight of beautifully arranged, freshly picked flowers as long as they’re accompanied by the sincerest words of appreciation.

Things You Should Know When Giving Flowers

Additionally, below are the top three things that you should know when giving flowers to the woman you like or love.

1. Know Your Purpose

The purpose of giving flowers to a girl must always be sincere, genuine, heartfelt, and comes within your heart. In particular, you should know that women have powerful instincts where they can feel if someone’s true to them or just spewing lies to win their hearts. Regardless of who you are or how different you are from each other, you’ll win the heart of the girl of your dreams if you can effectively show them your truest intentions through flowers.

Also, giving them flowers is the most effective way to build friendship between the two of you that can escalate to a more passionate relationship. These flowers are also effective tools to establish a stronger relationship between lovers.

2. Give Your Best Effort

Husband greeting his wife with bouquet of flowers at home

When it comes to courting or wooing women, guys must know that the best way to their hearts is through their hardships and sincerest efforts. Simply said, since you like them, work to earn their trust. If you love them, persevere to win their heart. After all, flowery words and fruitless bravado will get you nothing if you won’t know what your dream woman wants.

First, you must know what they want. Do they like flowers? If so, then what color or type? How would they want to be given flowers? Do they want the simple way or the extravagant style of courting? Did she mention a specific flower that she loves so much and has a special meaning for her? Making an effort to express chivalry will never wither when it comes to showing your emotions to the woman you love.

Always remember that a little effort of knowing what she likes and what’s meaningful to her will go a long way to building a relationship with her and making it stronger and long-lasting.

3. Show Creativity

Once you already knew her preferences, make the time to think of ways to effectively get her attention. You may start with being creative and innovative. For instance, some women prefer flowers with a touch of foreign designs and styles. Some of them also prefer paper-crafted flowers as they don’t wither.

To have more ideas, you may search for the latest trends in flowers and bouquets, as well as consult your florist to avoid mistakes. You may also ask them regarding the best designs and the latest trends in bouquets.

Key Takeaway

Giving flowers to the woman you like isn’t as easy as it may seem. For instance, most women may show that they’re not interested, but with the right efforts and knowledge, you’ll succeed in getting their hearts.

What you should always remember is to know your purpose behind your actions, show them your truest intentions, give your best efforts to make them feel special, and be creative when it comes to the flowers that you’ll give them. After all, the most stubborn and coldest hearts will be melted by the sincerest words and captivating flowers.