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A Catholic Man’s Guide To Modern Dating

Modern dating can be intimidating to a Catholic man. Well, truth be told, dating has never been easy to navigate for most people, regardless of one’s faith or belief. At one point, you think you had it all figured out. And the next minute, you’re back to zero all over again.

So, you see, it’s not an easy feat. But it can prove to be more difficult than it already is if you’re a Catholic man who’s trying to win someone’s heart at a time when dating is becoming less and less traditional.

Conquering Modern Dating

As much as you want to stay traditional and reverent as you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, modern times are here. And they’re most likely staying for good. That means if you’re really committed to giving dating a shot, you should be prepared for what modern dating entails.

The concept of modern dating can have a lot of meaning to people. With the word ‘modern’ in it, dating seems to have lost an intimate touch. But still, it’s up to you to keep it that way. Modern dating doesn’t have to mean you do what others would normally do. It could also mean being familiar with the new practices while still staying true to what you believe in.

A Catholic man would never forego courtship when looking for his perfect match. You can find a woman through modern means such as online dating sites. But what comes after that is totally under your control. The key is to know what to expect, and how to manage the moment your expectation turns into a reality.

What About Online Dating Sites?

Finding your significant other can prove to be a challenge. If you’ve tried doing it the traditional way and still failed to meet her, then it might be time to consider trying other ways, such as online dating sites. You’d be happy to know that it’s completely possible to find a site for Catholic singles. This means you don’t have to worry about finding a woman whose mindset might clash with your worldview. You have a chance to meet someone who has the same faith and ideologies as you do.

Dating sites are pretty easy to navigate. You can search for someone of the same age as yours. There are also options to see where they’re from, so you’ll know immediately if dating her could work (because long-distance relationships are sometimes hard to maintain.) And while a Catholic man won’t usually base his judgment on physical appearance, it’ll also help that dating sites have photos of persons who are also looking for a chance at love, just like you.

Online dating sites are a perfect embodiment of modern dating. Still, it doesn’t mean you can easily get a woman just because they decided to post their profiles there. Try to keep an open mind, and have more room for understanding and sensitivity.

Modern Modes Of Communication

It’s not only dating that has drastically changed because of modernization and technology. Nowadays, communication is easier yet more complex at the same time. Easier because you can get in touch with basically anyone using your mobile phone or computer. Yet complex in a way that there are just so many means of communication that at times it can get overwhelming to know which one is a good fit when trying to maintain a relationship.

Religious couple praying to God at home

So, if you’re already starting to date, it’s better to establish several aspects of the relationship with your partner. Ask her if she’s more into texting, calling, or video-calling when communicating. If she chooses all of them, that means you’ll have to adjust, just in case you’re not very familiar with all of them.

Remember, the key is to compromise. A Catholic man will always try to compromise, and understand, not just because your faith pushes you to do so, but also because it’s the right thing to do as a man, and as someone who’s trying to win someone’s heart. You want the relationship to last, and not the other way around.

God’s Guidance Will Always Be Your Rock

In the middle of your dating journey, don’t forget that it’s still God’s guidance that has led you to where you are right now. You shouldn’t stop seeking His approval. Keep in mind that it is His will that made everything happen. And never forget to constantly ask for signs.

Whenever you’re finding it hard to understand and compromise, ask for a sign. If you’re feeling tired and running out of patience as you wait for the woman to say yes, ask for a sign to know if you should give up, or continue pursuing her. If your intentions are pure and based on God’s will, you’ll get all the signs you’re asking for.

Remember Your Purpose

As a Catholic man, you should know in your heart that dating isn’t just for fun and pleasure. Above all, you’re dating and pursuing her because it’s your goal for the relationship to end up in marriage. If you can’t see yourself marrying her, then perhaps you need to rethink your purpose, and go back to the beginning.

Also, take your time to know each other better. Pray for God’s blessings and approval. Be more courageous in resisting temptations, and other negative emotions that relationships tend to bring to anyone, such as jealousy or hate. As you’re only human, it’s normal to feel these emotions. But the real battle is to not let those emotions win over you.

In God’s Perfect Timing

You should know by now that God’s timing will always be perfect. Above all, it’s His will that’ll decide the fate of your love story. Even when you’ve met through unconventional ways such as an online dating site, it doesn’t mean that love won’t last.

Remember, God has His ways and most of the time, His ways aren’t what you’re expecting. But in the end, you’ll realize that it’s all worth the wait, and the hardships you went through. That’s the way God works.

So, just keep on dating her. But as you do so, get to know her. Let her know of your intentions. If she’s also a Catholic just like you, she’ll understand why you’re still trying to be traditional and respectful in more ways than one. If she’s the one for you, she’ll be grateful for the respect, and do the same for you.