1.    We Want Romance

Any girl who says she doesn’t is a liar. I know that is a bold statement, but it’s true. While some girls like “elaborate or extensive,” most of us would just like those small gestures when we first started dating not to fade. It could be as simple as a note saying: “I am thinking of you,” or a single flower. Grandiose is not a necessity but keeping romantic antics alive is.

2.    We Want to Hear we Look Nice

Most of us will not tell you, but the truth is that we want to hear when we look good – regardless of how long we’ve been together. (This is especially true when we take the time to “doll” ourselves up and make an extra effort to exceed our daily look). It really will make a difference if you acknowledge it. From that simple gesture your girl may turn that occasional extra effort to a continual one.  Sounds like a win/win to me.

3.    We Want Your Friends to Like Us

We all want to be the favorite. Though it is most important that we are your favorite, we all want to be the girlfriend that your friends like best. The one they want around and treat as though they belong there and are not just tolerated because were dating you.

4.    Help with Daily Chores

This is actually bigger than you could imagine. Help with such things, as picking up a prescription, dry cleaning, etc. will go a long way with little time sacrificed from you. If you save us a little time we are willing to give that time back to you ten fold. Nothing is nicer than coming home and knowing that everything you had on your list to do has been taken care of.

5.    Call Us if You Say You’re Going to

This could be the number one pet peeve for not just boyfriends but girlfriends too. Some men might consider this checking in or overkill, but we would rather you not say anything then say you are going to call and don’t. In today’s age of technology, send a text saying something came up. This little effort will go a long way. In doing so, you may find that your girl is not needing or wanting that lengthy conversation at the end of the night because she feels as if she already talked with you enough throughout the day.

The bottom line is a little consideration and thoughtfulness go a long way – to not only making your girl happier but also to making your relationship that much more drama free and worth coming home to.

Guys – Now it’s your turn. Let me know what you think?


  1. I don’t think that it does anyone justice by just commenting in a general fashion, so I’m going to give this article the respect it deserves and answer each desire.
    1. I think this is true for most women and especially those that are looking for long term relationships. Its actually a good test for men wanting the same. Does she respond when you go out of your way to be romantic? If she doesn’t, that’s a good sign she doesn’t see you as a “love” prospect.
    2. I think everyone wants to hear they look nice, men and women. But women appreciate compliments in a deeper way than men do. For men, its superficial. For women, it means you “noticed” and yes, they love it.
    3. The only problem I have with the interpretation of this desire is that it assumes all women are wanting long term relationships or that all women aren’t so self-involved they couldn’t care less about your friends. I would ammend this one to say, “Any woman that is WORTH having a long term relationship will care what your friends think of her and want to be their friend as well.”
    4. No one likes a lazy person. My father, even in a time when it was acceptable to expect women to do the cooking, did his share. He cooked, cleaned, etc and so I’ve never thought of chores, housework or cooking to be just a woman’s job. I won’t even let anyone touch my laundry. At some point, its about finding a person that is on the same wavelength, has the same mindset .
    5. Again, even as a man, I’m a stickler for this. Do what you say you’re going to do. There is always room for error, but if the majority of the time you can’t do what you say you will, I got no time for you. I would expect the woman I’m with to expect no less from me. It’s a sign you care, that they are important. Trust is built partially on reliability.

    Great article. All true. Is she single? 😐

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