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5 Reasons Why Cigar Aficionados Prefer to Buy Online

There can be a high level of expertise associated with smoking cigars. Not only in terms of the actual process of smoking them, but also in knowing where and how to source the best ones. Before the internet was invented, cigars had to be bought in brick-and-mortar stores, from tobacconists, cigar lounges, and other purveyors of quality smokes. These days, however, it’s becoming increasingly popular to purchase them online from sites like Renegade Cigars. Everyone has their preferences, and for some, the benefits of buying cigars online outweigh the advantages of purchasing them in-person. What would those benefits be, you may ask? Let’s get into the details.

1: It’s more convenient

Smoking cigars is usually done in a relaxing environment – and now shopping for them can be as well. You don’t even have to climb out of your recliner, much less plan your errands around the cigar shop’s hours of operation, or wait for a representative to assist you in finding the right cigar.

What about the time spent waiting for your cigars to arrive, or the cost of shipping? Online cigar retailers work hard to make sure you get your cigars as quickly and economically as possible. Since cigars don’t do well with slow transit times, speed is generally prioritized. The cost will vary depending on how close you are to the online retailer’s nearest fulfillment center, but considering the average cost of fine cigars, the cost of shipping won’t make that big of a dent in your budget. Between one thing and another, buying cigars online is generally more convenient than going to a physical establishment.

2: Easy access to customer service

Sometimes it’s necessary to return or exchange the cigars you just purchased, and when that happens, it makes a huge difference to have at-home access to customer service. You’ll probably have more than one option, including live chat, phone, or email support.

Customer support isn’t always used to resolve problems, though; sometimes you just need more information than is listed in the product description. You could take advantage of the methods of contact listed above, or you may be able to check out a knowledge base-type resource for buyer reviews, images, or information about different brands.

3: Better deals

If you’re exclusively buying from a brick-and-mortar cigar shop, the deals you get will be the ones that are on offer when you walk through the doors. If you don’t hear about them in person, you’ll probably miss them altogether. Of course, there are exceptions; you might get coupons in the mail, or special offers via email. However, not all cigar shops have mail or email campaigns to promote sales or special offers, meaning you’ll probably miss out on most of them unless you’re a frequent visitor to their establishment.

With online cigar stores, on the other hand, you’ll get a better variety of deals – plus you’re more likely to get notified of whatever deals are going on, so you can take advantage of them while they last. You might get a virtual coupon, or earn points that can be redeemed on future purchases. Then there are the sales, which are usually easier to find with online retailers versus in-store purchasing.

4: Wider selection

Physical stores can only offer as much inventory as their storage space can accommodate. With the bigger stores, this can be quite a lot. With boutique establishments, though, this can be pretty limiting.

An online store, however, doesn’t have to worry about the physical limitations of their retail space when they’re listing products online. Most of them use drop-shipping, a technique in which a third party takes care of storage and order fulfillment. These fulfillment centers offer all the storage space an online retailer could possibly need, which allows them to list a wider variety of cigars for their customers.

Speaking of selection, there’s another sense in which cigars are easier to find online – by using the search bar. Every online cigar retailer has a search bar, as well as categories that you can use to sort through your options. Whether you’re looking for a specific brand, or you just want something in a certain price range, it’s much easier to see all your options at a glance when you’re buying cigars online.

5: Round-the-clock access

You’ll never have to worry about arriving at the store too late, or wasting time standing in line – online stores are always open. This makes your life easier year round, but this is especially true during the holidays, when stores of all descriptions are more likely to be busy or low on stock.

What about the advantages of buying from a physical retailer?

Just to be fair, it’s worth mentioning that physical cigar shops have their advantages too. Here’s an overview of what you might be missing out on by shopping for cigars online:

  • Connecting with fellow enthusiasts

If you’re a frequent visitor to the same cigar store or lounge, you’ll probably run into some fellow hobbyists now and again. You can trade tips, introduce each other to new brands, or simply spend some time hobnobbing.

  • Needing fewer returns

It’s generally possible to get fairly detailed tasting notes for online cigar purchases, but nothing can beat actually smelling the cigar yourself before purchasing it. This means a reduced likelihood of returns or exchanges if you shop in-person.

  • Getting customized support

Sure, you’ll be able to access customer support with online stores, but they still lack the human touch of discussing your cigar needs with someone who’s standing right in front of you.

  • Going home with your cigars

Shopping online may be more convenient, but it also means you’ll have to wait for them to be delivered. If you buy them at a physical establishment, you’ll be able to return home with your purchase and enjoy them instantly.

The takeaway

If you’re a cigar aficionado who wants to streamline their buying process, shopping online might be the best option. It may not be perfect, but it has quite a few benefits compared to more traditional options.