5 Ideas for a Nature Date

If your idea of a perfect date is outside in nature, there are many options for you and your beau to consider. Spending time outdoors for a date is a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy restaurants and bars, and it can be an ideal choice for people on a budget too. Here are some of the ideas you could think about doing when planning a nature date.

Go Skiing or Sledding

When the snow arrives, you can enjoy a fun-filled and romantic date involving skiing or sledding. Some people avoid choosing skiing as a first date option if they haven’t tried this before, since they might find it awkward or embarrassing initially. But if you are both seasoned skiers or don’t mind the risk of falling on the slopes together, it’s a great choice for any date.

Ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing and protective gear to stay safe while skiing or sledding and prevent any accidents or other mishaps during your date.

Go for a Nature Walk

A nature walk is the ideal date option for those on a budget and for people who prefer a quieter and more relaxing experience. It’s a good idea to head to a busier park or walking route if you are meeting for the first time.

Plan ahead so that you don’t either end up walking more than you want to or run out of things to see before you’re ready to go home. No matter how fit you are, chafing and other problems caused by long and tiring hikes can still occur. Take any essentials you think you will need, such as deodorant, a first aid kit, snacks, water, and a back-up phone charger, especially if you’re planning for a longer walk.

Visit the Beach

When the sun is shining, going to the beach is a beautiful option for any date. There are a range of activities to get involved in – from a walk along the beach at sunset to arcades and entertainment nearby.

Depending on the beaches available near you, consider taking your swimming equipment and going for a dive into the water together. Some beaches may have boats available for hire or other water sports to get involved in. Find a restaurant for dinner or take some food to the beach for a picnic.

Climb a Mountain

Going for a hike up a mountain can make you feel like you’ve achieved something together as well as having a great experience. This is an ideal date option for people who love nature and are accustomed to spending time hiking up hills and mountains.

If you want to go on a date which is active and brings opportunities for fantastic views and photos, climbing a mountain could be the ideal date choice for you. If you’ve been with your partner a while and want to mark a special anniversary or other occasion, research some of the tallest or most famous mountains within traveling distance and plan a trip to one of those.

Have a Picnic

A classic date option for any couple, having a picnic in nature can be a memorable experience you will never forget. Plan together to ensure you have brought enough food and any dietary requirements are not overlooked.

Picnics are the ideal date option for people who want to spend time outdoors but either don’t want to or are unable to be too active. It’s also a lovely way to spend some time when the sun is shining and you don’t feel like expending too much energy in one go.

A nature date can make a great first impression or help to relight the spark in a relationship. With so many options to choose from, there is something for every couple and every occasion. See our summer date ideas here.