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7 Basically Free Date Night Ideas for the Best Summer Ever

Summer is the season for romance. However, it’s also the summer of internships, working shifts in coffee houses and generally counting down till college. If your budget is getting the better of you, then Male Standard is here to help with our 7 basically free date night ideas for the best summer ever! Each of these nights creates an amazing impression and cost a few bucks. Now you can date like a baller on a budget!

1. Go without technology

Now, we’re not suggesting you pack up the PC this summer, but putting down the smartphones and tablets for a few hours is a conscious decision to embrace what’s going on around you. Make eye contact. Listen to what your date has to say. Take a look around and enjoy the view. There’s a lot going on beyond a screen. Not only will you experience what life was like sans iPhone, but she will feel x100 more connected – we guarantee it!

2. Experience a drive-in movie cinema

Drive-in movies are the ultimate date night – just don’t ask your parents for details. Get in on the backseat action with some flirty hand holding and breast grazing at one of America’s oldest date nights. These events are coming back into Vouge in a big way; all you need is a car and a date. Worst case scenario, if the date doesn’t go to plan you can still cash in your time watching a retro flick — win win!

3. Bonfire & S’mores

If you want to make memories, then it’s time to head to the beach or somewhere secluded, and toast S’mores on a bonfire. We don’t know what it is about these delicious desserts that makes memories. Maybe it’s the ooey gooey marshmallow, or the comradery that blooms in the firelight. Either way, call a few friends and make this a causal date night to remember!

4. Send a message in a bottle

If you’ve never sent a message in a bottle, this is the summer to make amends! While you may never see your bottle again, there are many reasons why these vessels land on beaches all around the world. Writing a message is therapeutic, and gives you a chance to win over your date, determine a new goal, or put out whatever you want to accomplish into the universe. Plus, dreams are romantic!

5. Stargaze

Looking for an evening event? Star gazing can be just as fun on your own as with that someone special. And with today’s Apps, you can take a walk through time without having to memorize constellations. Not into doing research to enjoy a night out? That’s cool too! Just kick back and look up. There’s something to be said about the whole universe looking back at you that makes you want to snuggle.

6. Host a photoshoot

There’s something about photos that stirs nostalgia. Even if you’re on a budget or don’t have tons of free time this summer, taking photographs of special events can make all the difference. Group photos double the fun and give you a shared memory that you can call on later. To get that summer feeling back, simply dig out the photos and invite your date around for a night to trade stories.

7. Go night swimming

The cream de la creme of any epic summer date is to go swimming at night, clothing optional. This has just the perfect combination of risk, frolicking, and fun to put a smile on your face. If there’s one thing we all agree on, it’s that life is short. Summer is shorter. Take a risk and have fun. Ditch your responsibilities and find a secluded spot to get in touch with your wild side. Lead by example.

Leave a comment and let us know what cheap and easy bucket list items you would add to your best summer ever – maybe we’ll give them a shot!