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10 Ways To Screw Up a First Date

So she said she would call you, maybe. We all know what that means. That leaves you, sir, wondering what happened. Where you went wrong.You did everything right… didn’t you? Perhaps not. Here are ten things that may have gone wrong, so you never have to deal with the gut-wrenching pain of “call me, maybe” ever again.

1. You Showed Up Early

Show up no earlier than five minutes early, and assume she’ll be five minutes late. Show up any sooner than that and she’ll feel rushed and annoyed from the very start, and that’s a pretty sour way to kick off a first date.

2. You Wore a Suit

It’s a first date, not a wedding. Dress for the occasion, and don’t pretend we here at Male Standard haven’t taught you how. Unless you’re taking her to a gala or a symphony, leave the suit on the rack.

3. You Tried to Impress Her in Front of the Waiter

Requesting that your Perrier be served in a Cabernet glass or sending back your steak because it was a shade less pink than you would have liked doesn’t make you look elite, it makes you look like a jerk.

4. Your Phone Went Off

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t answer, that thing needs to be on silent in the first place. She’s not going to think that you’re in high demand if your phone is ringing every ten seconds. Silence it and turn it over at the beginning of the date. Better yet, leave it in your pocket.

5. You Over-Complimented Her

She wants to chat with you, not be attacked with a barrage of niceties tossed at her like water balloons. Throw too many compliments her way and you’ll seem desperate.

6. You Asked a Lot of Questions

Keep the ratio one-to-one. It’s a conversation, not an interrogation.

7. You Told Her About Your Hobbies

…including your collection of 80’s glam-rock bobble-heads. Save the more… interesting… ones for third date territory.

8. You Mentioned How Much Better This Date Was Going Than Your Last One

Women have a special kind of camaraderie, even if they don’t know each other. Talking smack is so not attractive, even if it’s meant as flattery.

9. You Kept Your Hands To Yourself

For the most part, a little touch is flattering. It makes a woman feel appreciated and sexy. Just keep it to the shoulders, arms, upper back, and maybe even just above the knee if the date is really going well. Anywhere else, and you’re venturing into the Danger Zone.

10. You Said Goodnight At Her Doorstep

…and left it at that. She’s fumbling to get her key in the door for a reason, dude. Ask how she enjoyed the night. Ask if you’ll be seeing her again. If the vibe is right, it’s even cool to give her a kiss. You’ll have to go with your gut on this one, gents.

These are subtle, I know. The art of seduction is subtle. Women are mysterious creatures, but they aren’t too hard to read if you tune in to facial expressions and pay attention to body language. Just keep an eye out, take a mental note of these tips, and better luck next time, comrade. Once more into the breach!

Photo credit: Guian Bolisay

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