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10 Romantic Ideas For Valentines Day That WIll Make Her Heart Melt

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to play up to her romantic side; show her you can melt her heart with these romantic ideas. You never know where the night will lead, but one this is for sure, she will never forget you. Plus, we love how adorable being true to your heart is and with several no cost date night ideas, you really have no excuses to let you romantic side shine.

Below are 10 romantic ideas you can use for Valentin’s Day, or any day you want her to feel extra special!

1. A Flight of Wine

Give your lover front row passes to her very own wine tasting experience. This at home date night has a lot of potential; it sets the mood and can be poked fun at or taken seriously. Choose 3, 5, or 7 wines (stick to white, red, or white depending on her favorite) and sample the delights together. Bonus points if you help her find a new fave!

2. Cook For Her

There is nothing that a women loves more than a man who cooks for her; you don’t even have to be good at it. Just make sure you brush up on one simple dish, and set the scene so she can see you work your magic. If it suits her, you can also cook together. This is a fun and easy date night that creates wonderful memories.

3. Vamp It Up

A great way to buy her lingerie is to choose 3 different outfits that compliment three sides of her personality; choose a sexy set, a cute set, and a PJ set, so that she knows you care about all of her. She’ll love how thoughtful the outfits are, and you won’t feel like a total schmuck for giving her the racy red hot set of your dreams. Let the night commence.

4. Go Zen

She goes the extra mile every day to make sure you are happy ; give back to her on this special day by treating her to a pampering at a local spa. You can choose form a host of treatments and prices, and can ask the staff for assistance in choosing a tailored program for her needs. You can also go along with her, as many spas offer couple treatments to relax and rejuvenate your senses.

5. Watch the Sunrise

This is a romantic wild card that never fails to amaze. Find a spot away from the city lights, and bring a champagne picnic and watch the sun rise or set. Add cosy blankets for an intimate date night she will never forget. You can download Apps to your phone or tablet that will give you a tour of the stars, or plan a visit to a local planetarium.

6. Read Poetry

Women love creative, artistic men who reveal their emotions, but that doesn’t mean you need to be Shakespeare. Choose a poem that resonates with you and read it to her. This will melt her heart and make her feel treasured. If you are nervous, find a poem that you like that has been recorded, or take her to a poetry slam night.

7. Massage

There is nothing better than a good massage, and turning this sensual act into a romantic act is easy with the addition of some Sinatra on the radio and candles. Setting the scene will create a romantic atmosphere that will take her away. Choose fragrant oils that stir up love and desire, such as Sandalwood, rather than Lavender that will put her to sleep.

8. Take Her Book Shopping

As the saying goes, you should never sleep with someone who doesn’t own books. Feed her mind by taking her on a spending spree at a bookstore. Let her set the pace. Choose form fantasy, erotica, or even a tutorial book that will take your love life to the next level. You can even find her a copy of the Kama Sutra and highlight what you would like to try.

9. Take a Bubble Bath

A simple way to make her melt is to run a tall, steamy bubble bath and set the mood. This is a low effort hack that you can get in on the action to. Throw in a foot or back rub, and enjoy watching the bubbles melt away. For bonus points, read her favorite chic lit while she closes her eyes and fantasizes about you being her leading man.

10. Tell Her You Love Her

Simple is always best, and this one is no exception. Whether it is the first time or the 100th time, telling her how much she means to you is a great way to make her melt into your arms. To really make her melt, tell her all the little ways she rocks your world. From the way she orders her coffee to the way she brings in your mail, tell her what makes her special.

What did you think of these romantic ideas? Leave a comment and let us know!