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XOLOS Release Anticipated Debut Single ‘Do You Recall’

Up and coming duo, XOLOS, released their debut single, ‘ Do You Recall .’ Based out of Los Angeles, California, the two producers have elegantly combined electronic music and indie rock to craft a wholly unique sonic atmosphere. While both performers have extensive roots in the independent scene, this newest endeavor is focused squarely on composing contemporary tracks with fascinating aural twists.

The music of XOLOS is suave, charismatic, and oddly enough, mysterious . They’re only known by their new moniker, the origins of which are also unknown. XOLOS is a labor of love, one designed to stretch the creative lengths of the genres that it’s actively bending. ‘Do You Recall’ is a masterful culmination of the duo’s influences. It’s punchy, electronic, and danceable – but also soulful, intense, and rocking.

This particularly different blend of instrumentation is rooted in XOLOS’ lengthy list of influences. They strive to borrow sounds from electronic, indie rock, and dance grooves – all while twisting their themes together to form surprisingly coherent and eclectic songs. Their venture to seamlessly meld musical worlds is a modern, forward-thinking undertaking quite unlike anything else in the indie scene.

‘Do You Recall’

‘Do You Recall’ offers a palette of passionate lyrics about a final night together with a special loved one before a separation. “The song is about longing for someone and inevitable departure,” the duo explains. The title of the track is repeated throughout the song, evoking nostalgic memories of the past.

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XOLOS’ production style is as eccentric as their musical taste, and as such, it beautifully accents the soundscapes they conceive. Both performers are multi-instrumentalists and producers, and thus, they perform every instrument on their recordings – including the guitar, bass, and keys. That is then paired with vintage samples, dance beats, synth-heavy composition, and overarching pop sensibility.

UPDATE: XOLOS Release a New Track

XOLOS has teamed up with LEFTI, DJ/producer hailing from Brooklyn, to bring you the funky remix of Do You Recall. LEFTI has just released his first EP Somebody, under Atlas Chair Records, in which he features notable acts such as TC Milan.

Listen to the hype chart topper’s remix of one of our favorite songs of the summer!

Connect with XOLOS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can find their new track, ‘Do You Recall’ on SoundCloud/XOLOSMusic.