XOLOS To Release Anticipated Sophomore Single

Today, Friday May 26, the rising independent music duo XOLOS will debut their second studio endeavor, a stunningly produced effort entitled ‘Hold of Me.’ Hailing from Los Angeles, the two producers founded XOLOS in pursuit of crafting an entirely. unique sound that incorporates an eclectic mix of indie rock and electronic music. The release comes on the heels of 2016’s lauded debut, ‘Do You Recall,’ which was remixed by the chart-topping LEFTI to significant acclaim.

XOLOS’ newest release takes the duos music down a particular dark road. Eerie, distorted electric guitars meld together with suave, decisive bass notes on ‘Hold of Me,’ with vocal overtones akin to Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. As always, XOLOS mixes two unlikely genres together with this creation, combining that slick, intense rock influence with danceable, infectious beats. Give ‘Hold of Me’ a listen.

Moving forward, XOLOS is hard at work on an EP due out later this year. Both members of the collaboration are veteran musicians in their own right. They’re multi-instrumentalist with immense prowess as producers, too, making them the dynamic duo that they’ve become know to be over the last year in the California music scene. The duo performs live Dj sets in California as well.

Since their arrival in the indie music community as a collaborative duo, XOLOS has been hailed for their remarkably unique, genre-bending sound and must-see live sets. ‘Hold of Me’ is due out today on Spotify and all major digital music platforms for streaming and download. Make sure to follow XOLOS on Instagram, Twitter or give them a like on Facebook.