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Unfortunately, due to the amount of requests that we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to accept any more writers. Please contact us if you are looking at a paid feature.

Are you a male grooming expert, freelance writer, or industry insider with unique and compelling advice to share? If so, we’d love to feature you at MaleStandard.com. All Male Standard guest writers are represented in our featured “Guest” portfolio. 

Requests From The Editor

1. Remain on-topic with inspiring, original content. 

It’s paramount that you provide articles that are best described as, or that tie into, the specified Male Standard categories. Please ensure that your ideas and writing are original, and solve a problem using an inspiring tone or inspirational examples throughout. Providing research, and running a spell check also go a long way. If you are unsure, please Google your idea, or ask for assistance before writing.  
2. Recommend a product. 
Our readers appreciate articles that give straightforward, honest, and reliable advice. This includes recommending products, explaining in narrative why you have prescribed that course of action. Ultimately, you want to show the reader how they can solve a problem they may be experiencing by offering a real world application. 
3. Show your personality. 
Male Standard is home to many embarrassing topics; we want to change this perception by adding humor, personality and edge to our articles. Let your personality shine. This encourages action and inspires that all important confidence across the board. Readers will also relate to you as the expert, learning to trust and value your opinion.
4. Tackle the taboo topics. 
The more thought-provoking your article, the better. By tackling taboo topics, you not only present an engaging article, but you help to dispel the myths that still surround male grooming. For example, men of Male Standard know how to wash their face and body, but they might not understand how to “tackle their tackle.” Become intimate with both your article suggestion and our reader problems. 
5. Give a strong call to action.
Guys want you to tell it to them straight. Clearly define what you want a reader to do after reading your article. E.g. Leave a comment below, tell us what you think, give this product a try. This will help you communicate your advice clearly and concisely, and teach men across the globe how to define their own Male Standard.

Male Standard Article Submission Guidelines

Spelling and Grammar

Male Standard  follows US spelling. Please use “or” instead of “our” for color, favorite etc., and “z” instead of “s” for organize, optimize etc.

Headlines and Capitalization

 Use subheadings to separate main ideas within your article

  • All subheadings and titles should be appealing, and descriptive
  • In <h2> headings, please capitalize the first letter of every word, e.g. “How To Get A Better Shave”
  • In <h3> headings, capitalize the main words, e.g. “Keep Your Skin in Top Notch Shape”


  • Please include no more than 2 links per article; once in the body and once in your byline
  • If you want to markup the links in HTML, please feel free to do so
  • Otherwise, include the URL in brackets immediately after the text you’d like to use as the link text
  • Please let us know if you represent a company that has an included link
  • We do not publish affiliate links


  • High-quality and visually attractive images are important in our articles
  • Please avoid re-scaling images as much as possible as this can reduce their overall quality and clarity
  • Ideally, all images in an article should have the same width and quality or color theme
  • Please do not include images in your article, as this can lower the resoultion
  • We can provide images for you if preferred

Call to Action

  • All articles must contain a strong call to action that helps to encourage conversation


  • Please include a brief bio, and/or photograph, written in the third person
  • Bylines should be a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do

Please note: 

Sadly, not all articles are appropriate for MaleStandard.com. To help save you time and guesswork, the most common reasons for rejection include unoriginal content or ideas, articles that do not correlate to the ethos of Male Standard, or articles that are offered to Male Standard for the sole purpose of building a strong backlink.

We look forward to sharing great content from you to our readers soon!