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Wine For Stress Relief- 5 Things To Know

A little wine is fine, isn’t it? In any season, you can gulp a glass of wine and feel better. Now even scientific research backs it up by saying how drinking helps to relieve stress. Wine has several other benefits: leading to shining skin, reducing heart disease and cancer risk. But on top of all, it can take away all your stress.

When you come back from a bone-weary office day, you feel like getting quickly into your favorite pair of pajamas and uncorking a wine bottle. Do you know why? Because wine can calm you to the core and help you feel peaceful in real. In this piece, you will find five amazing things that say wine is a killer stress buster.

Let’s explore them together!

1. Wine Lets You Relax & Unwind

How do you drink wine?

Scenario 1: Your child isn’t having his meal on time, and you are chasing after him. Meanwhile, your online work is pending, and the clock is ticking fast. Only when you are stuck in these two situations, you realize your phone’s ringing, and someone appears at the door, too. Will you think of drinking a glass of wine this time?

Scenario 2: After a quick cold shower, you are chilled within. The evening is about to set, and night has just overlooked it quietly. You made your favorite pasta using dry red wine for cooking and put on some music. Plus, you have your dearest people to accompany you at this time at your home. How about having a glass of wine now?

Of course, the second scenario is perfect for drinking wine. When you drink wine, the environment itself becomes peaceful, and so do you. That’s the reason why you feel relaxed after having a glass of excellent vintage anytime.

2. Wine is an Antidepressant

Wine helps your brain to disconnect from any kind of depression caused during the day. But how? You must have heard about the psychedelic party drug – ketamine. Wine can produce this compound and help the human body get rid of pain and depression even after 24 hours of its intake. Not only wine but all types of alcohol acts as an antidepressant. Wine or alcohol intake has a direct impact on the central nervous system. It helps nerves get easy on you. That’s why we say alcohol is sedating.

However, it is notable that sipping too much wine could harm the sleep cycle. Ideally, if you want to eliminate depression without impairing sleep, one to two glasses of vino are enough. If you overdrink wine, no matter if it’s your favorite prosecco or pinot noir, it might tamper with its stress-relieving job. And you, in turn, might feel unmanageable.

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3. Wine is a Mood Booster

Indeed! When you drink wine, you feel romantic, happy, cheerful, and excited. You get in a good mood or get your mood repaired after having a glass of wine. A study on the effects of moderate alcohol drinking on mood showed some surprising results. The study evaluated different mood states after moderate alcohol consumption combined with food intake and ambiance influence. It affirmed that moderate consumption of wine or similar alcohol might elevate one’s mood. This study confirmed that the level of improved mood in the wine drinkers in an unpleasant environment was the same as the teetotalers in a pleasant ambiance.

Non-scientifically there is another example that proves wine is a great mood booster. When do we drink wine? Most of the time, when we are happy, celebrating any occasion, or partying, right? This means that there is a direct relation between drinking wine and getting in a good mood. So next time, when you are sitting simply in a dull mood, pour yourself a glass of wine, and you will be perfectly fine.

4. Wine Helps You Heal

“Anything in excess is poison.”

This statement stands true for wine also. Moderate consumption of wine is an excellent source of some health benefits. Whereas, if consumed in excess, it can affect adversely. The best way to control wine intake is to have it with a delicious dinner. How about planning a family get-together? Cook some yummy dishes, serve some explicit wine varieties and replace all your problems with happy feelings, positive thoughts, and motivating conversations. From now on, when you need some healing, just call up your friends and family, and keep some wine ready on the table!

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5. Resveratrol in Wine Relieves Stress

A recent study at Harvard found an interesting fact about drinking wines. The study declared that wines contained a unique chemical named resveratrol. The chemical is responsible for producing a protein that can repair DNA, slim tumor genes, and boost longevity genes. Moreover, resveratrol can shut down the production of an enzyme in the brain that induces anxiety, depression, and stress, concludes a study done at University at Buffalo. Therefore, wine is an impeccable way to stress less and live longer.


Now you know how red wine can exceptionally work on curbing stress and alleviating depression. Furthermore, it has health benefits on your skin and body as well. Without thinking much, add a glass or two of red wine to your daily diet, and see the magic happening.

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