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Why Zip When You Can Zooop?

Ever wonder what it would feel like to wear a hug? Been plagued by what could possibly be the next best thing to being naked? Question why comfort and sexy are considered mutually exclusive?¶ÿThankfully, ZOOOP iT UP provides singular answers to these¶ÿcomplex questions: adult onesies, combi-shorts and dresses.¶ÿThis every wear line is designed for individuals who know the world is¶ÿtheir playpen.

ZOOOP’s founder and dedicated comfort connoisseur, Fabien started the company after suffering through a series of unfortunate events. During this period of malaise, it was not unusual for Fabien to wander the streets clad in quirky sleepwear.¶ÿAstounded by overwhelming approval for his free spirited garb Fabien¶ÿcame to a life-altering conclusion: comfort is one luxury in life, which¶ÿshould always be indulged. And so the ZOOOP iT UP lifestyle -¶ÿƒ??Ultimate Comfy Wearƒ? was born.

So go ahead, zip yourself into a travel ZOOOP and go from airplane to ƒ??en plein airƒ? with class, comfort and convenience. With five secure pockets the travel ZOOOP turns traveling into a hands free experience. Simply stow your ID, tickets, and munchies in your ZOOOP’s compartments for a flight sans stress. Shed your long johns after a long day on the slopes and cocoon yourself in a ZOOOP before heading out to the hot tub with a cocktail in hand.

Poker players, time to put away that face! Zip thru those sixteen-hour marathon tournaments ensconced in a ZOOOP. Playing at the game of life? Get ZOOOPED up and beat that frigid air-conditioned movie theater. Whether you are a celebrity or need to be incognito, ZOOOP it up and vanish in a flash. Need to go from downward dog into the urban jungle? Want to seamlessly traverse from centering yourself to being the center of attention? Don an adorable leopard print ZOOOP and take a walk on the wild side while foraging dinner swathed in ZOOOP bliss.

With a virtual plethora of patterns and colors to choose from, living the ZOOOP life is a snap zip. So, why zip it up when you can ZOOOP IT UP with forty-six inches of fun?

ZOOOPs of all shapes and sizes are available on¶ÿ