Men's Grooming Skin Care

Why You Should Be Using a Moisturizer

We have updated this article to bring you the latest information in men’s skin care.  A good moisturizer does more than just leave you with softer, smoother skin – it can help prevent tears which keep it healthier and less prone to rash and other common skin ailments.  Finding a good moisturizer is not as easy as it sounds.

What is in a good moisturizer?

It is more about what isn’t in your moisturizer than what is in the moisturizer.  A good quality moisturizer will be water based, not oil based.  Oil based moisturizers only make your skin….well, oily.  Regardless of what skin type you have, opt for a water based moisturizer with aloe vera – it has soothing, healing qualities that are great for your skin.  Look for moisturizers that are free of scents, dyes, and alcohol – all of these have a tendency to irritate the skin, the exact opposite of what we want to do.

What type of skin do you have?

What’s your skin type? Most men fall into one of the following skin types: oily, dry and combination.  If your skin is dry, it likely gets itchy or flakes.  For oily skin, you probably have shiny skin with a tendency to sweat easily.  For combination skin, you have both dry and oily patches of skin, and this is the most common skin type.

Does age affect which moisturizer you should use?

Yes, this is a huge factor to keep in mind when choosing a moisturizer.  Look for a thicker, creamy formula if you are older, a moderately thick formula if you are younger.

When to apply moisturizer?

It’s best to apply moisturizer shortly after showering or bathing.  Dry yourself lightly but thoroughly.  Apply your moisturizer, massage it in gently to your skin and wait a few minutes before getting dressed.  For your hands, apply the moisturizer after washing your hands as often as you need to throughout the day.  Look for hand soaps that include a moisturizer for your home – this will really give you more mileage out of your moisturizer and boost its healing effects.  For someone who washes their hands repeatedly throughout the day, look for a very thick moisturizer, something that can penetrate deep into your skin and help your skin hold its moisture better during your busy day.

We all want to have softer, healthier skin – and it is easy to get.  Always read the label of your moisturizers, look for water based formulas free of scent, alcohol, and dye.