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Why Sexual Education is so important?

You may be thinking that is it not an appropriate topic for teens to learn about. However, this is the perfect time for them to get acquainted with various facts related to sex and sexuality. It will help them to understand their body better and deal with issues like peer pressure, crushes, and awkward moments gracefully.

Sexual education helps a child develop a positive body image and also know when they are ready to have sex. It teaches them about STDs, infections, and unhealthy relationships.

In this article, you will know why sex education is so important for your child’s future as well as different topics covered in sexual education kits used by schools across the globe.

Why is sexual education so important?

When you are a child, you are too young to understand the biological process of reproduction. You may have heard of the birds and the bees, but you don’t understand what it means or how it impacts you. When you are a teenager, you are at the right age to understand how your body is changing and how reproduction happens.

You are also old enough to make informed decisions about sex, but only if you are given the information. Since the biological process of reproduction is a complicated one, it is not just about learning about the sexual organs. It is about understanding the emotions that come with it and the risk associated with it. It is about growing up and becoming an adult.

What does a typical sexual education kit contain?

The first step towards teaching your child about sex is to buy them a sexual education kit. These kits are aimed at children from the age of 8 years, but it is best to start them at a younger age.

Some sexual education kits for children include a poster of the reproductive system, a book to explain the concepts of sex, an activity book where they can draw their own genitalia, and a quiz book to test their knowledge.

These kits can be bought online or from children’s toy stores. You can also make your own kit by printing information sheets or getting a book written for children.

Important topics for Sexual Education

Body Image: This is the first thing that you should teach your child about sex. You should talk about how they feel about their bodies and how they perceive themselves. You should tell them that everyone is different and no body type is better than the other.

Communication: This is the next important topic that needs to be covered in practical sexual education. Communication is the key to any relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic. You should tell your child that communication is important in every aspect of their life.

Safety: Children should know about safety at an early age. You should tell them how to protect themselves from STDs and infections. You should also tell them how to avoid unplanned pregnancies; you can give them information about condoms and birth control.

Peer pressure, crushes, and dating

When your child turns 12 or 13, they will be curious about crushes and dating. You should tell them that they don’t have to go on dates or kiss someone they don’t like just because their friends are doing it.

You should tell them that they should like someone before they do anything with them. And even then, they should be careful, especially if they are having sex.

Defining healthy relationships and recognizing abuse

The last topic to cover in sexual education is healthy relationships. You should tell your child that relationships don’t have to be romantic to be healthy. They can be friendships, familial relationships, or even connections with their peers.

You should tell them to look out for abusive relationships and how to get out of them. You can also tell them how to identify abusive relationships.

Talking about STDs and Infections

This is the most serious topic in sexual education. You should tell your child that to have safe sex, they should use a condom. You can also tell them that they should get tested for STDs and infections like HIV at least once in their lifetime.

You should also tell them to use protection whenever they are dealing with their genitals, such as while taking a bath and while using the toilet. You should also tell them to wash their hands after touching their genitals, especially when they have visible signs of infection such as itching, redness, and swelling.


Sexual education is an important subject that every child should be taught about. It is important for young people to understand the changes that are happening to their bodies, and how to protect themselves from STDs and infections.

This is the time when they can learn about safe sex and start making informed decisions about their bodies and their futures. It is the time when they become adults and take charge of their lives.