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Why Motorcycle Accidents Happen And How To Handle Them Properly

Motorcycles are undoubtedly the most dangerous type of vehicle. Considering the level of exposure of the rider while riding a motorcycle, it is safe to say that the margin of protection is extremely thin for riders as compared to other vehicle drivers.

For this reason, we have developed this article to make the riders aware of the most common accident reasons and how they can protect themselves.

Effects of Motorcycle Accidents


The emotional impact of a motorcycle accident is intense and can be unsettling for a biker. The level of emotional impact increases with the severity of the accident. Many victims often refuse to accept it but their denial is visible in their mental performance in the days after their accident.


The financial impact of an accident can be highly unsettling for most of us. From hospital bills to the repair costs of the vehicle, a crash can leave a big dent in your wallet.


Since bike riders are excessively exposed, even a minor crash can inflict heavy physical damages ranging from normal cuts and burns to mild and even severe fractures, depending on the intensity of the crash.

Cause of Motorcycle Accidents and How to Handle Them

Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions are one of the most common causes of accidents related to motorbikes and are extremely dangerous, especially for bikers. Due to the extended areas of exposure of bikers, they have a higher probability of receiving more damage as opposed to the other involved party.

Lane-switching Accidents

Lane-switching is fairly common in regular traffic situations. However, the switches performed without the use of indicators can be unsettling for other vehicles. It is considered to be one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents due to its abrupt nature. Since motorcycle riders are heavily dependent on the appropriate driving of different vehicles around them, they can be startled and their balance can be put off with unusual lane switches.

Left-Turning Cars

Indicators are essential when driving irrespective of the nature of the traffic’s flow. They indicate the vehicle behind you that you intend to make the respective turn. In the event of cars making sharp left turns, bikers are found to spiral out of control due to the abrupt turn and results in an accident.

Prevention of Motorcycle Accidents

Beware of Intersections

The overall control of the bikes can be difficult to handle at an intersection if you’re breaking the traffic rules. For this reason, bikers are specifically advised to beware of intersections and lower their usual speeds to avoid any unexpected collisions.

Gear Up

Always try to dawn the recommended bikers’ gear to ensure that you don’t face major damages when involved in a collision.

 Motorcycle accidents are inevitable. If you’re a cautious rider who likes to ride your bike at appropriate speeds then chances are low that you will be the cause of these unfortunate road incidents. However, if you are fond of touching the speed limit and enjoying your bike rides, you should take care of yourself in the process by being vigilant of the surrounding vehicles and ensuring that you stay within the rules.