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Why I Started Eating Clean & Getting Lean

If you haven’t heard of clean eating, it’s all about taking food back to it’s most simplest form. Think delicious fruit and vegetables, nuts, unprocessed meats, with tons of fresh flavor. Unlike other diets, clean eating is not about restricting food. In fact, I eat more now than I ever have in my life. This is because when you eat clean, your body can digest and use the energy you provide quickly and easily. If you’re looking for a lifestyle change that actually makes you feel great, and doesn’t depend on lettuce, then keep reading.

Why I Started Eating Clean

Back in 2008, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. It wasn’t a massive shock. At 5’10 and 340 lbs with a family history of Diabetes, my doctor was forever advising me to watch my weight or face the consequences. The problem was, I was always on the road. Work takes me across the country on a weekly basis and eating for one is not easy. Much less when you have to factor convenience, travel, plans, and time zones.

I joined a gym that let me check in at different locations, but I never shifted the pounds. I counted calories and made an earnest effort, but, every check in at the doctor’s office, the results got worse. Over 5 years, my stats had gone from concerning to alarming. Aside from feeling totally defeated, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get the scale to move in the other direction.

One night in Chicago, I ordered a smoothie after a 2-hour pounding workout. The guy behind stopped my order and instead introduced himself. He said he had seen me working out, hitting it hard and could tell I was really determined to get into shape, but what he said next shocked me. The gym sponsored smoothie I almost ordered was actually undoing all my hard work – it was no better than candy – I couldn’t believe it.

Why I Started Eating Clean & Getting Lean

It’s Time to Come Clean

I sat with Peter for almost 2 hours as he explained he was me – 3 years prior. Only now, he lost over 200 lbs and was ripped. At first I was skeptical and thought he was trying to sell me something, but he assured me what he wanted to tell me would change my life. He told me all about chemicals that food manufacturers put into food to enhance the taste and shelf life. These can even be found in fruit and veg!

These same chemicals slow down your metabolism and act as bulking agents. No matter how much exercise you add, it’s impossible to burn off junk food effectively. I couldn’t believe foods I thought healthy were loaded with sugar and artificial flavors and preservatives. It was only when Peter removed chemicals totally from his diet did his exercise pay off. He had my attention.

Over the following months, Peter and I kept in touch. He became a close friend and mentor and helped me learn about clean eating. Unlike fad diets, clean eating is a natural lifestyle choice that tastes great, is easy to prepare whenever you are and cost effective. I couldn’t believe how simple changes, like switching from fast food burger and fries to baked potatoes and steaks, could make such a difference – I lost 180 lbs!

Making the Change

If you’re ready to take up the eating clean challenge, then listen up. Here at Male Standard, we support you and want you to succeed. If you want to join us in eating cleaner, then leave a comment and let us know. We can work with you one-on-one to help you reach your goals, as we want to ‘pay it forward!’ If there’s a demand, we’ll share our favorite recipes, workouts and more. All you have to do is speak out!

If you’re new to the concept or want to learn some new tricks, follow ou friends at MVP for delicious clean eating recipes. You’ll be amazed at how easy these recipes are. Best of all, there’s tons of protein making clean eating a great choice for guys looking to get beach body ready. All you have to do is follow along, get inspired and learn how to read or avoid food labels with chemicals. You’ll be doing your body a massive favor!