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Who to Get Friendly With at The Bar

Everyone enjoys being part of the “in” crowd every now and then, right? Here are some tips of who to get friendly with at the bars.

You may think making friends with the owner is the best way to be part of the inside crowd.  Although that is definitely one way, it is not necessarily the best.  If the owner is at the bar, he or she is often behind the scenes, which doesn’t necessarily help you.  Besides, more people than you might think drop the owner’s name so unless he or she is present it won’t hold too much merit at the door.

The person at the door is going to be one of your best bets.  Making friends with him will result in a few benefits.  If there is a line, chances are he will get you in without having to wait.  If the bar is charging a cover, he might also be able to waive the cover charge or at least work out a discount.  Tipping the door guy for helping you out will always benefit you!

Once you are inside, buddy up to the bartender.  As I have mentioned before, bartenders love regulars. Establishing a relationship with your favorite bartender has plenty of benefits! Your wait time will be short if at all and you may receive a free drink or shot on occasion. Taking care of your bartender by having your order ready, being friendly and of course tipping well will definitely help you.

Don’t expect to make your connections all in one night, try starting slow and building up a relationship. Once the relationship is established the perks will follow.