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WhiteyBoards — If You Can Jot It, They Got It! It’s Time to Think Out Loud!

WhiteyBoard was born out the necessity to facilitate, create, and collaborate at a cost-effective rate. Developed by a college student Saachi Cywinski when the library got too crowded, and he couldn’t find a big whiteboard for his dorm that didn’t break the bank. WhiteyBoards now made the numerous benefits of dry-erase more accessible and affordable than ever. What was in the past confined to conference rooms and lecture halls is now readily available to the everyday consumer. It’s a modern solution that is super easy to install and delivers stunning dry-erase performance. WhiteyBoards are breaking the taboo of writing on walls, so go ahead and embrace your creative freedom at  home or in the office, it’s time to THINK OUT LOUD.

Photo credit: WhiteyBoards

Stick-On WhiteyBoards are an innovative alternative to costly and cumbersome conventional whiteboards. Ditch the drill. The specialty adhesive makes installation quick and easy, while excellent quality ensures exceptional dry-erase performance. WhiteyBoards mount flush with the wall for a modern look that is as fun as it is functional and as cool as it is practical. It’s Practicool. Enhance any smooth surface by converting it into a veritable dry-erase canvas with WhiteyBoard Paint. Make your office walls into a contemporary collage of awesome. Encourage creativity, facilitate organization, promote planning, or unleash that inner Picasso. The possibilities are as limitless as you. So you better Write On, there’s a major brainstorm headed your way.

Ghost Whiteyboard

Convert virtually any surface into a dry erase board without altering its appearance. Our Transparent sheet sticks easily over painted walls, wallpaper and glass. Goes on clear so you barely know it’s even there. Add the ability to write and erase over logos, grids and much more!

Low Odor 0 VOC Clear Dry Erase Paint

Bring color wall to life by turning it into your own personal dry erase canvas with our amazing 2-Part Low Odor Clear Dry Erase Paint. Transform previously unused wall space into a creative, reusable visual surface without changing your room’s color palette. This low VOC product is intended for use on walls not directly exposed to sunlight (*Not UV resistant). So let your imagination run wild across an expansive landscape of dry erase!

About WhiteyBoards

WhiteyBoards, founded by college students in 2010, are best known for their adhesive, repositionable whiteboards that can be stuck to any flat surface and used multiple times. These come in black with neon markers, shiny or matte white, and clear, and range from post-it notes to index card sized boards that unfold, to massive sizes that can cover entire walls. WhiteyBoard also developed paint so you can enhance any smooth surface by converting it into a dry erase canvas! Make your walls into a contemporary collage of awesome – encourage creativity, facilitate organization, promote planning — the possibilities are limitless! Write On!

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