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Which is The Best Toner for Oily Skin?

If you suffer from excessively oily skin, life can get pretty uncomfortable quickly. Men produce different amounts of oil; the side effects include adult acne, shiny skin, redness, dry skin, patchy skin tone, and more. Oil is the body’s defense mechanism, but when there is too much, oil can become a persistent and long-term problem. Using the best toner for oily skin is just one of many top tips we will be looking at today to help counter this frustrating problem.

Oily skin creates sheen around the T-zone and can signal impending acne.

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In order for you to get the most out of this advice, you must remain patience. While oily skin is frustrating, more often than not it can balance itself out. A quick check of outside factors can help you determine if you need toner for oily skin (which helps reduce the amount of total oil that builds), or if it’s due to age, health, puberty, aging, and other hormonal factors. Our skin changes as we age and a little oil won’t hurt, but this advice is for those who have a problem.

You should consider investing in a quality toner if you:

  • Have excessively oily skin
  • Have had oily skin for longer than 12 weeks
  • Are acne prone in the areas that oil or grease builds
  • If you feel that the oil cannot be controlled by washing alone

NOTE: Over washing is one of the biggest causes of oily skin as the body tries to replace the oil lost. Keep your routine to morning and night, and track the results over one week before using these products; they could lead to dependency.

1. Koyku for Men Oil Control

Koyku for men oil control is the best toner for oily skin because it uses oil-lift technology to leave you feeling clean, in control of your face, and has smart technology that can help prevent the oil from building again. Containing SPF 15 to protect your skin, Koyku also contains dual action micro particles that penetrate the skin and prevents clogged pores. This is an extremely versatile lotion that will defend your skin from excessive oil on all fronts.

When using a lotion, apply the cream after washing your wash to add a secondary layer of protection and deep cleansing. Toners firm up the skin, reducing the risk of acne and other irritations because it stops dirt that sticks to the oil from getting inside the pores. This is a great lotion for use after shaving, and will help to prevent razor burn or red bumps from appearing afterwards.

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2. Axe Face Wash

Axe face wash is a great switch product, where you switch out something you normally use with something that can actually do more than one thing. As you have to wash your face every day and sometimes more, this oil control formula will help keep things settled. If you flare up on occasion, or suffer from mildly oily skin, this could be a perfect daily wash item that won’t let you down. Consistency is the best technique for fighting oil.

When washing your face, be sure to lather the product before applying. This will help activate the ingredients which target oil. Axe offer their oil skin face scrub in four exciting variations depending on your skin type and severity of oil, so finding one that suits you is easy. There is a bonus face wash in this mix worth mentioning that contains a foam formula for sensitive skin (shown in silver below).

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3. Anthony Logistics Oil Free Face Lotion for Men

Anthony logistics Oil Free Face lotion for men is a fantastic dual-action face wash with built in moisturizer. Understanding the significance of keeping your skin hydrated is a top way to stop the skin from over-producing oil, as it feels less hydrated and less likely to replace that feeling by itself. This formula is fragrance free, and designed for sensitive skin, making it a potent tool for daily use, or when breakouts become imminent.

If you break out with sheen from time to time, then consider what happens in the week coming up to that event if you do not want to rely on specific products, or risk falling into the adult acne oil cycle. If you are athletic, work outdoors or live in warmer climates, are you letting sweat build? Are you eating fatty, greasy foods (and possibly transferring that grease onto your skin and face)? Knowing your environment is a terrific way to reduce the dangers.

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4. Neutrogena  Sensitive Men’s Oil Reducer

Neutrogena have created a product that can help to actually reduce the amount of oil build up, and then stop it from coming back. This is a superb product for those who suffer constantly with excessively greasy skin and will become a daily use item; helping you to tackle the cause of the sheen, and stop it from coming back. Sadly, as you are an oily guy, these products must be used consistently to see results; otherwise you risk it coming back.

This product also contains no added oil, but does have moisturizers to rehydrate skin, and is hypoallergenic making it ideal for most guys. The pre-smooth technology means you can use this before or after shaving, and as a regular face wash. Aim to carry out a morning and night routine until you notice the oil reducing. Once it is less, you can move to one application if this suits your skins preferences.

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5. Medicated Acne and Oil Lotion

The final step to consider and this is for severe oil induced skin types only, is medicated acne and oil lotion that can help reduce the sheen. The problem with these products is that if you do not have a medical need for them, they can either prompt your skin to create more oil (the faces defense mechanism), which could lead to a dependency. If you stop using the product, the oil might come back worst.

The good news is if you speak with your doctor and they suggest a medicated formula you can find them OTC in most drug stores or online. These super-efficient formulas will balance skin quickly, safely, and in a way that is less invasive than other forms of medication. Following the advice from the others steps will also be part of your main course of action, as you will never see significant results without caring for your skin inside and out.

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To find out more about the causes and effect of oily skin, check out The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming with actionable techniques you can put into place today.