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What’s my Age Again? – Dressing Younger Without Going OTT

Everyone’s familiar with the old “mutton dressed as lamb” analogy, which basically refers to someone clearly dressing about three decades younger than they should, and for the most part, making us all feel a bit sick. In order to avoid this therefore, the tendency for some is to err on the side of sensibility but this can often lead to folk looking too old for their boots.

So in the spirit of near eternal youth, here’s a look at a few quick tips on how you can choose your clothes and outfits to make you look younger without going OTT:

Banish Beige


There’s a very good reason why plain beige clothing is associated with the blue-rinse brigade and to be honest it doesn’t need to be spelled out. You don’t have to go radically in the opposite direction, but it’s never a bad idea to spend a little time studying precisely what the masses frequenting your town’s bingo halls are wearing any and all such items from the your daily collection. From casual slacks to those cosy cardigans and so on, if they look great on the over-80s there’s a pretty strong chance they won’t look good on you!


Bye-Bye Baggy


As we get older, our clothing gets looser in order to give us all the comfort we desire and hide a body that’s slowly going south. Wearing baggy clothing in our younger years though robs us of any shape we have, makes us look like frame-less blobs and adds way too many unnecessary years to our look. You don’t have to go skin tight, but at the same time you must be sure to wear something that at least confirms there’s a body under there somewhere!


Color Up



And finally, no matter what you think ‘your’ color is or what shade you look best in, there are few better ways to take steps in a youthful direct than to add a few new splashes of color to your outfits. It’s up to you how far you take it – neon combos are hard to get away with – but be sure to stray at least an inch or two from your usual comfort zone for maximum results.


By Lisa Morton

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