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What’s an Exfoliator and Why Do You Need One?

Exfoliation is a lot simpler than it sounds.  When you exfoliate your skin, you are simply removing the dead skin cells which opens up the pores for a deeper clean.  It also helps fight acne and, best of all, exposes hair for a closer shave.

Here is a more in depth look at some of the biggest benefits of exfoliation:

  • You’ll look and feel younger.  By exfoliating the skin every day, you will be scrubbing off dead skin cells, giving the appearance of younger, clearer and healthier skin.
  • You’ll be cleaner.  When you wash your face only using a normal face wash, you may actually be drying out your skin, creating a rougher appearance and texture.  It also helps reduce acne.
  • You’ll have a closer shave.  The biggest benefit of exfoliating is that you will open up and expose the hair follicles on your face (or other areas you wish to exfoliate) allowing for a closer and smoother shave.

How does it work?

Experts recommend that you not only exfoliate the face, but your back and chest as well.  These are the areas that trap the most dirt, oil and grime in the hair and on the skin.  You may also wish to exfoliate hands and feet but it’s definitely not essential.

Exfoliation should be the first step in your grooming regimen followed by washing and moisturizing.

The best way to apply an exfoliator is with a sponge or loofa.  You can get the richest lather from one of these products which allows you to work the exfoliator deeper into your pores.  Some exfoliators also come in bars or pads.

Products to try

  • Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Face Scrub
  • Clarins Clarinsmen Exfoliating Cleanser
  • Anthony for Men Anthony Logistics Exfoliating Mud Scrub Bar