Men's Grooming

What Your Personal Trainer Can Teach You About Grooming

You may be a total pro in the weight room, but do you know how to handle yourself once you hit the showers? It turns out personal trainers are a fantastic resource on how to achieve excellence beyond pumping iron. These guys dedicate their entire lives to performing at their best and that includes how they look. So go beyond the stereotype and find out what your local trainer can teach you about male grooming.  It’s totally cool to compliment another guy, especially when they are striving for that next level.

Body Grooming

Body hair and working out don’t always go hand in hand. Body hairs can weave themselves awkwardly into dry fit shirts, and chaffing is a real issue when you add sweat. Instead, many personal trainers opt to go clean shaven to absolve them of these noob gym problems. During competitions, especially, you will see bodybuilders shave from the neck down to show off their muscle definition. If you want to show some flesh this summer and look your best, a quick chest trim could score you a hot date.


If you have ever seen a bodybuilding competition, one thing that often stands out before the bulging biceps is the impeccable tanning on display. Sunless tanning is a smart choice when you want to look bronzed and golden. You don’t need to take it to extremes, but many PTs will tell you that a tan can take pounds off your figure and make you look more attractive. Use this cutting cheat if you want to look lean this summer, and start at level 1 to gauge where you want to end up.

Personal Hygiene

Have you ever noticed how bad your personal trainer smells? No? Then take note. They spend all day in the gym and don’t offend anyone with their body odor. This isn’t because they just stand by the equipment, any great PT works out between clients, but because they have a solid personal hygiene routine that enables them to stay fresh. Clean clothes. Deodorant. Regular showers. Talc powder. And go below the belt too. Nothing will repel a hot gym girl faster than your lingering odors.

Facial Hair

One thing that personal trainers pride themselves on is attention to detail, which is why they trim their nose hairs (clients look at them from every angle) and shape their eyebrows. These subtle grooming hacks give you a flawless appearance. Anytime you have a face-to-face convo with someone they are paying attention to those minute characteristics, whether they realise it or not. Building trust is an important skill for personal trainers and having a well-groomed face subconsciously builds this relationship.

Sweat Free Style

Your personal trainer doesn’t want hair products running into his eyes all day and neither do you. If you plan to workout, look for a product that is lightweight and won’t run. We prefer to switch over to a pomade that will give you hold without blinding you during a workout. This is also a safety conscious tip that could save your life. Just because you workout doesn’t mean you don’t have to give up being stylish, plus look at those after gym selfies. Step up.

Wash Your Face

Notice how your personal trainer isn’t an acne ridden crater face, now look back to you. Do you have red dots around your hairline, are you prone to breaking out? It could be your gym routine. Sweat needs to be washed off immediately after your session. Otherwise, it will clog your pores and irritate your skin. Personal trainers wash their hands regularly and know not to touch their face while working out, or after touching equipment. These can be ridden with germs and bacteria.

Trim Your Nails

When you are working with heavy equipment, it’s important that your can grip and remain dexterous. Long fingernails quickly turn into a disaster if you catch them on something. Instead, keep nails trimmed back so you can focus on your deadlifts instead. Your trainer is accustomed to shaking hands of clients all day long and wants to make people feel at ease. Long fingernails on men generally make people feel queasy. Be sure to use a nail clipper, and don’t just chew them off. Gross.

What gym grooming hacks do you use to perform at your best in and out of the gym? Leave a comment below and let us know what you wish other people would do!