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What Men’s Hair Product Should I Use?

Many guys are having trouble deciding and implementing the right hair style and products for them. Maybe your one of those guys? Do you know your wax from your gel, or is it all becoming a bit too much? If so, you are not alone! With so many different products and styles, and considerations such as face shape, and hair type to think about, you can see why many men end up wearing a hat.

Below are five straightforward techniques that will give you an idea of where to start. If you have a specific style in mind you want to try, that isn’t included in this list, leave a comment at the bottom and we will do our best to answer. If you have a question about male grooming, then we will always try to find the best no BS tips and tricks for you! So let’s take a look at how to choose the right hair product for the right style.

How to Choose the Right Men’s Hair Product for Your Style

Choosing a hairstyle is important; it defines who you are as a man, and should accentuate your facial features and facial hair. You can choose from modern trends, to traditional styles and they all factor in one big topic; which men’s hair product should you use? Getting the right haircut is all fine and dandy, but without the right application and products, you might not achieve the same looks at home.

The products that you use will depend on the thickness and length of your hair, and the style that you are looking to create. Your hairdresser might recommended (or up-sell) you a product, but should give you more information on why that particular products was used. If in doubt, ask them why they used hairspray and not gel, or why they finished with a shine serum and not a wax. They style dozens of hair and might not think to mention a top tip!

If you have a few weeks between trimming, these should point you in the right direction:

1. How to Get the “Bedhead Look”

The bedhead look is really popular, and we know many Male Standard readers have been looking for ways to recreate this stylish, modern cut. The Bedhead look is achieved with choppy, mixed length layers and possibly some “razoring” depending on how shaggy you want the results to be. If you don’t have the right cut for this style, no amount of product is going to win you an award, as the products accentuate this fun cut.

Once you have the right cut, TiGi Bedhead products (aptly named) are going to become a sound investment and will give you that matte finish, shaggy look you’ve been dreaming about. As this is a really fun style, play around with the different products to get a feel for how they work in your hair. All are great for sensitive hair and skin, fragrance free, and ideal for creating a Bedhead look that is all about being partly-polished, well worth the effort.

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These are our top picks:

From left to right:

2. How to Get the “Sleek, Wet Look”

Bi-polar from the Bedhead look is the super sleep, super wet look style that is a great go-to for all hair types. This no fuss style is better suited towards low maintenance styles and for hair types where continual styling isn’t easy. If you have frizzy, dry, damaged hair then look out for these products to style and protect. As you are coating the hair in thick, oily product you should consider a deep cleansing routine in addition.

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Suave for Men will give you a strong, high hold, high shine look easily.

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Aussie Men will protect and nourish extreme style holds.

3. How to Use Wax

Hair wax is a popular choice for men who are looking for strong hold, and are aiming to style the hair into new and unusual shapes; rather than just holding it in place. These products are often made from rubber like material that meld with the hair to offer a matte or shine finish, that bonds to your hair for long-lasting hold and is easily touched up. This is a great option for active men with short to medium length hair.

The wax should be applied to section of the hair that requires styling, not the entire head as with gels. Try to avoid adding wax to the roots and scalp, as this can cause greasy build up and residues that cause flaking. Warm the wax in your hands before adding it to active the particles to bond with the hair, and apply to dry hair and then style for the perfect finish. If applied on wet hair, the effects may be lesser.

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4. How to Use Pomade

Pomade is a throwback to the Barbershop days, where slick, greased back styles were all the trend, and since those are back, so are the Pomade’s and they are better than ever! You might see some Pomades marketed as “hair putty,” “glue,” or “paste,” and refers to the super thick, gloopy consistency that makes these products unique. A little goes a very long way but can create a lasting impression.

Use Pomade if you are looking to control frizzy, dry or damaged hair, and can deal with the fact this can weigh down hair and be hard to wash out (as they are heavily oiled based). For many, these are a styling dream come true, especially if you have thick, coarse hair or African American hair that doesn’t style easily. Unlike other products, start from the lower scalp and work upward to cover the head with product, then style into place.

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5. How to Use Styling Gel

Styling gels tend to be a great compromise and daily wear product, lightweight with a strong hold. Use styling gel to tame flyaway hair, and hold well cut hairstyles into shape. This is not the best choice for crafting a ‘do, but will keep you in check throughout the day. If using a styling gel, ensure it has added heat protection, as these work well on dry and wet hair and can be used during vigorous styling treatments.

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