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Why Men Should Be Investing in Themselves with The Mr. Collection Plus 15% Off!

It’s no secret well-dressed men earn more than unkempt men do, but how does one go about becoming a dapper chap? Do you really need to have expert knowledge in how to match your men’s accessories to a shirt? Or how to pair different colors per season to stand out from the crowd? Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if you could have fashionable, trendy clothes you actually want to wear delivered to your door for a fraction of the price? Male Standard thought so to.

Introducing The Mr. Collection

Rather than spending time, effort, and money in lucrative department stores, more men are realizing the benefits of ordering their new seasonal collection through a borrowing service, and are cashing in on the benefits at home, in the workplace, and out on dates. Imagine this like Netflix for your closet, and you’ll see why we immediately thought this was a fantastic concept. Rather than worrying or wondering what to wear, you can order a curated collection to help you step up your A-game, then switch it out for something new. Expertly chosen, designer threads, without the hassle — feeling good never looked this easy!

  • A borrowing service for men who want a rotating closet
  • Exclusive access to cool manly threads and men’s accessories
  • Two services under The Mr. Collection umbrella: The Mr. Club and The Selection

What is The Mr. Club?

The Mr. Club is for the man who knows “kind of” what he wants, but perhaps doesn’t have the time to go out and find it, or who would benefit from a personal touch. This is a fantastic way to begin expanding on your staples, and trying out some different styles, in keeping with what you love to wear. You choose from Mr. Casual, Mr. Original, or Mr. Everyday as a great way to boost your profile, and stay in touch with the latest trends.  You won’t look like your mom dressed you, but you can step out in style once in a while. Go on, give it a shot!

  • A members only service based around three different collections: Mr. Casual, Mr. Original and Mr. Dapper
  • Features surprise contents based around the type of pack the member chooses within a collection
  • Members can keep packs as long as they like
  • Free shipping both ways

What is The Selection?

The Selection allows you to customize your closet by selecting specific items you might be short on, from well-known brands you’ll want to wear. From Hugo Boos, to Calvin Klein, The Selection is your opportunity to make a lasting impression, and is ideal for the man who’s already in touch with his dapper chap. With items selected for different seasons, you’ll never have to worry when the weather changes. Stay ahead of the trend, and save time and money doing so. You’ll quickly see what you need, and make shopping –dare we say it– an exciting prospect!

  • A collection of clothing and accessories that men can browse through and borrow based on taste
  • Customers can borrow items for one-week or choose to continue to borrow the item weekly at the same weekly rate
  • Features high-end clothing options at steeply discounted prices
  • Return shipping is on us

Buck the Trend: It’s Time to Borrow, Not Buy!

With all these new clothes arriving frequently, you might be wondering what to do with them. It’s easy – send them back! Once you’re satisfied with your look, have tried it out, go ahead and exchange it for something else. No, you don’t have to keep the tags on, The Mr. Collection is all about diversity, increasing your appeal, and feeling like the best version of you possible. That means switching things up, trying something new, and knowing you’re only one click away from your next big impression. Everyone will want to know what you’re secret is!

  • Many men on the run don’t have the time or the interest to spend time shopping
  • Styles change at a rapid pace and trying to keep up with the seasons can be expensive
  • We charge a fraction of the MSRP
  • Cures the “I’m bored with my clothing” ailment

Exclusive Coupon for Male Standard Readers

To get 15% off your first pack in The Mr. Club and 15% off a single clothing item in The Selection, please visit and use the coupon code ‘MALE15’ at the checkout — with kindest regards of The Mr. Collection. Thanks Mr. Collection, we love that you’re helping guys hit that next level!