Men's Grooming

What Does a Well Groomed Man Look Like?


A well-groomed man is conscious of the image that he wishes to portray and owns the hairstyle that he is wearing. He uses the proper hair care products to achieve his look and doesn’t skip a step (i.e. style aid, shampoo AND conditioner).


If your body is a temple, your face is the to “die for” material of which you are built. The platinum if you will. In order to properly care for this masterpiece a well-groomed man uses, and is not afraid to use a complete skin care regimen inclusive of wash, toner, lotion and sun block. If he’s really in the know, he also uses an under eye cream. Think that’s girly? Tell that to your skin and the crow’s feet they’re attached to.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

A well-groomed man doesn’t just stop with the skin alone on his face; a well-groomed man keeps his facial hair neat and trimmed. That means NO, and I mean no unruly goatees, mustaches, and beards. And please… please, for yourselves and us, no nose, or ear hair visible. It should be an everyday that ends in “Y”, not a once a week.


Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to kiss a messed up, uncared for mouth. Use whitening and mouth care products daily. A well-groomed man does not taste like what he ate. Seconds anyone?


A well-groomed man dresses to impress. Be it casual Friday, or a business meeting. A well-groomed man wears clothes that fit and his inward confidence reflects outwardly in his attire, his clothes tell you what he already knows – he’s worth it.

Being a well-groomed man is way of life, and should not be taken as a chore, but rather an investment. Invest in yourself, and your image, confidence starts from the inside out. Show us what you’re made of. If you care for your self, I promise we will take care of you.

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