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What Do Your Dress Pants Say About You?

Disclaimer: Thank you to Savane for sending product in exchange for an honest review. All thought and opinions are 100% my own.

More and more often I find myself on the go. From stepping out for a lunch meeting to running errands, I feel like I spend the day on my feet and I know I’m not alone. The traditional workplace is changing, and with it, the dress rules of business casual are blurring. When I had a 9-5, it was easy to grab the nearest suit without opening my eyes, safe in the knowledge I wouldn’t be breaking any office rules. Today, my closet, career, and my lifestyle have completely changed, and it made me realize that you might benefit from a refresher course too.

While dress pants are very much still “in,” how we wear them is changing. Dress pants used to conjure up images of boxy, formal pants that we begrudge wearing to events because they are stiff and cordial. Thankfully, companies like Savane are transforming this style staple and turning it into something that works with you, not against your scheudle. In fact, they performed something of a magic trick with their new dress pants, which mimic the fit of activewear more than professional attire.

Savane sent me a pair to try out firsthand, to see why technology, leisurewear, and workwear can co-exist, and why the new business casual can look as good as it feels. Here’s what I discovered; you can have your cake and eat it too, check it out.

The Perfect Dress Pants

Finding a Holy Grail dress pant is something all men should strive for; these are the pants you can wear to an office, an after party, and on the go, and that will always make you look and feel your best. The perfect dress pant can be dressed up or down, and fit as beautifully as they feel. The secret, I discovered, is in the details. Savane tailor their clothing with “ActiveFlex,” which offers a max-comfort waistband thanks to their built in flexiband technology, and a more relaxed fit to help you move freely.

During the day, I found this relaxed fit to be extremely comfortable without compromising style. Whether I was checking emails or hosting a meeting, I wasn’t constantly distracted, trying to get comfortable. I enjoyed the hidden zip-tech pocket, which is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” features, to hide your zipper. We’ve all felt the fear of thinking our zipper is down when it’s not, or worst, realizing your zipper is down after an important introduction. I’m so glad this doesn’t have to be a thing anymore.

At night, I found it easy to throw on a causal jacket and wear out the Savane dress pants without feeling like I was bringing the work day with me. No one wants to be the guy at a bar who looks like he just left the office, wearing his tie in his pocket. One of the great things I enjoyed about these dress pants is that they are have wicking material, so even in crowded bars or clubs, when it can get pretty hot, I didn’t feel sticky. The stretch motion fabric also made it easy to forget I was wearing classic pants, and gave me the freedom of jeans on the go.

A great tip that I found is to steer away from black dress pants, which can feel uber formal, and instead look to navy and dark blues to get a flexible yet stylish dress pant. Navy pairs really well with many colors, and this time of year, I love to wear pastels to keep things light and in keeping with spring and summer. You can also layer darker colors with navy to create a rich, opulent look, and it looks great with black or brown accessories.

I got a lot of compliments while wearing these and it made me feel great. I would happily wear these every day and love that I can throw on a jacket and be ready to hit a bar on the fly. While I prefer to get changed before going out, sometimes it isn’t always possible, and having the flexibility to choose is a real game-changer. If you are an active person and spend a lot of time on your feet, I highly recommend these dress pants for their comfort fit tailoring and wicking material.

To find out more about their Active Fit collection, please visit Savane.