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What are ‘Tech Pants’? Newest Men’s Fashion Craze.

Tech pants look like traditional khakis, but are made with synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. These pants have been popularized by the likes of Lululemon, Rhone, and Vuori. People love them for the stretch and comfort missing in most “regular” pants.

It seems like everyone is selling tech pants these days, so it’s nearly impossible to tell which ones are the best. We tried ten of the most popular pairs, cut through the BS, and ranked them 1-10.

We graded them based on three categories:

1. How do they fit?

2. How do they feel?

3. Are they versatile?

1. birddogs – $118

These are arguably the comfiest khaki pants I’ve ever worn. They are buttery smooth while maintaining the right amount of structure, and that’s not even my favorite part. Their best feature is that you would never be able to tell that these are tech pants. They look just like classic khakis. Coming in at a competitive price point, they look good at work and on the weekends.

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2. Kit and Ace – $199

We liked the Kit and Ace Comfort Pant a lot. You can wear them at home and the office. They feel great on your legs and they look good for most occasions. These are a very close second to the birddogs stretch khakis. The biggest problem here is the price point. At $199, they are far more expensive than birddogs and pretty much everyone else in the space.

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3. lululemon – $128

lululemon’s ABC (anti-ball crushing) pants have become one of the company’s flagship products. They are very versatile, and they fit & feel great. The fabric is high quality and comfortable, but they aren’t very breathable and you can tell they’re not real khakis. We do like that they come in a lot of different fits (Slim-Fit, Classic-Fit, Relaxed-Fit).

4. Vuori – $128

Vuori is an up and coming brand in men’s fashion. Their Meta Pants blend performance and style well, offering versatility and comfort similar to lululemon’s ABC pants. While the quality is evident, we find them a bit too techy for everyday wear.

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5. Public Rec – $128

Public Rec is one of the newer companies on our list, and it was our first time trying any of their products. They scored well in overall feel but the fabric was too casual for the office. They look slightly cheaper (fabric was like a windbreaker). They’re probably fine for the weekends, but just don’t look as good as other pants on the list.


6. Rhone – $138

Rhone makes a very nice pair of tech pants. We found them extremely comfortable and versatile for work and the weekend. Its pitfalls included a lack of breathability and a price point of $138. We just couldn’t justify the extra $20 over a company like birddogs with such similar features.

7. J. Crew – $90

J. Crew surprised us, and not in a good way. We are big fans of their shirts, tees, and sweats for being comfortable and versatile. Their pants fell short of the mark here, scoring average in feel but lower in fit and general versatility. They feel harder and stiffer than Bonobos without being as nice.

8. Bonobos – $100

The Bonobos “Chino 2.0” was a failed attempt at a tech pant. They still have their signature tailored look, but as far as performance features go, these miss the mark big time. I would never reach for these over the weekend or if comfort is ever a concern for me.

9. Everlane – $98

Like J. Crew, Everlane surprised us and not in a good way. The biggest detractor was the feel of the pants. They erred too far on the techy side and you could feel the swishiness while walking. I like these as weekend pants, but not for work.

10. American Eagle – $55

American Eagle was just average, and in a competitive list like this, that landed them at the bottom of our rankings. The fit was boxier than a modern slim fit. The feel was not nearly as soft and comfortable as higher ups on our list. They reminded us of older, stiffer pairs of chinos.